Shea Stadium Organist Jane Jarvis Displaced By Manhattan Crane Collapse

Today’s New York Times has this article about 92 year old Jane Jarvis, who was the original (and only) Shea Stadium organist. Jarvis lives in the larger building on East 50th Street right next to the 4 story building that was completely destroyed by the crane collapse.

Jane Jarvis AlbumJarvis had to evacuate the building with only the slippers & pajamas she was wearing and was able to also take her fur coat. She has been living in various hotels for the past week Thankfully, Jarvis’ apartment was not damaged.

While her neighbors have been able to return to the building, Jarvis has to wait for the elevator to be operational again (which should occur today).


Jarvis worked at Shea from 1964 until 1979 and is probably best know for her organ version of “Meet The Mets”

Listen to the Meet The Mets” MP3

Since her days at Shea, Jarvis has worked for the Muzak corporation and more recently, been a well known Jazz pianist. Remarkably, she has performed as recently as this past December.


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