Mets vs. Cards (In Progress): Duque = Dookie, Church Finally Gets A RBI, Whats With Delgado?

I’m watching the Mets/Cards game from Port St. Lucie and its not looking too good for El Duque in his first start of Spring Training.

The 80 MPH fastball is not cutting it and the slow(er) stuff he throws is not fooling anyone. Hernandez has gotten battered around pretty good, the lastest blow coming in a 2 run HR off of Rick Ankiel’s bat in the top of the 3rd. Eddie Kunz was warming up to come in before Duque got out of the inning.

Wit a pitch count already in the mid-50’s and a 5-1 deficit, Kunz has just come in to start the 4th with Pelfrey warming up in the pen to come in for the 5th.

I hope Pelfrey can come come in today and finally earn the #5 spot in the rotation with a good performance. The Mets should be looking forward with THE BIG PELF rather than hoping to get something out of the 67 year old El Duque.

Other notes from the game thus far: Ryan Church finally got a RBI in the 2nd and Carlos Delgado left the game after 2 innings. Nothing has been mentioned regarding an injury and Gary Cohen speculated that Delgado got the rest of the day off to celebrate Easter.

UPDATE: Gary Cohen just reported that Delgado was scheduled to play just 2 innings in order to celebrate his son’s 1st birthday.


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