Report: Mets Place Reigister & Gotay On Waivers?

RegisterSpeaking on WFAN’s Benigno & Roberts show this morning, Mets Beat Reporter Ed Coleman is reporting that the Mets have placed 2B Ruben Gotay & Rule V Draft pick up RHP Steven Register on waivers. Though Coleman has not not confirmed this. Register has performed well this spring in 8+ innings, he has allowed 4 runs and 12 hits while walking none and picking up 6 Ks.

Coleman said that Ruben Gotay is on waivers due to the roster constraints and the Mets’ desire to have Anderson Hernandez and his superior glove as the middle infield backup.

I hope Gotay doesn’t go, his bat more than compensates for his average defensive ability. Hopefully his ankle injury will get Gotay through wavers.

This is yet another Omar Minaya head scratching move. Why did he trade Jeff Keppinger for Gotay only to wave Gotay less than 2 year later? Gotay already had a good bat, so-so glove reputation when the Mets traded for him and now this is the reason why he is being let go?

In 67 games in 2007, Keppinger hit .332 for the Reds.

UPDATE: Gotay played in this afternoon’s game vs. Atlanta so, he is obviously not on waivers (yet).


One Response

  1. Register was placed on waivers because if he clears he doesn’t have to stay on the 25-man roster all season in order for the Mets to keep him (because he was a Rule V pick).

    As for Gotay, I’m not sure of the reason – it could simply be to see if there’s any interest for him. Put him on waivers, if someone claims him pull him back and try to hammer out a deal. Waivers doesn’t mean automatically losing the players.

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