Mets Marketing: As Lame As Ever

PhoneBoothI’ve been seeing this ad on lots of phone booths around Manhattan. Maybe I’m overreacting but I’m really bothered by “catch a little something called payback”. For the better part of the 2007 season, the Mets played terrible, uninspired baseball. What happened last year, they did to themselves.

There is no one to “payback” on the field. The 2007 collapse came to you thanks to your inept, incompetent, and arrogant manager, a general manager who is completely overrated, and a bunch of players who took all their 2006 success for granted.

Payback should have come in the off season, starting with firing Willie Randolph and addressing the bullpen problems that plagued the 2007 team. Getting Johan Santana is great and will certainly help the bullpen to a certain extent but, the only real addition to the bullpen is Matt Wise. The same guy that the Breweres let go so they could add Eric Gange. THAT Eric Gagne, the one who couldn’t do anything in Boston last season.

Am I supposed to think that the Mets are supposed to get “payback” against the Phillies this season? The same Phillies that they rolled over for during the almost the entire 2007 season? The Mets had their chance all season long for that.

Now I realize that this isn’t THE slogan for the season, thankfully the slogan guy in the the Mets marketing dept. took this season off after a stellar 2 season run. Remember “The Team, The Time” or “Your Season Has Come”???

Couldn’t they have simply run this ad and emphasized the “Final Season at Shea” aspect? That and Golden Boy David Wright is really all you need.

I will have A LOT to say about the Mets’ past & present marketing tactics in the coming weeks…keep your eyes glued to METSIE.


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