Spin Zone: Willie’s Alledged Letter To The Fans

Thumbs UpIf you receive e-mail from Mets.com, a letter supposedly penned by Willie Randolph just showed up in your inbox.

I’m not sure who wrote the letter but, it wasn’t Willie. Willie never tells the press too much and in turn, he doesn’t tell us the fans too much since the press is our conduit to the players and coaching staff.

This letter sounds to me was written by a PR person and was signed off by all sorts of front office people looking to save face and rally the troops. In short, it is a load of spin and crap concluded with a unbelievably ridiculous statement.

Here’s the entire text:

“Our team is ready to go. That’s the message I want to send to you Mets fans as we prepare for today’s opener in South Florida. The goal this year is to make our final season at Shea something special and I think we can.

We’ve had a great spring. Our batting order certainly can produce runs. Jose Reyes has been spectacular in the field and on the bases. Carlos Beltran has recovered from his off-season knee surgeries and has been diving for balls in the outfield, while Luis Castillo is back to normal after his knee operation. I look for David Wright to once again play at his All-Star pace and we expect Carlos Delgado to have a bounce-back year. Brian Schneider adds a good defensive presence for us behind the plate, while I look for Ryan Church to play a solid rightfield.

Our line-up is intact except for Moses Alou, who should be back in late April or early May. Guys like Endy Chavez, Damion Easley and Angel Pagan can fill in for Moises until he returns. You need to have a solid bench to win and we certainly do.

Our pitching has been great all spring. The addition of Johan Santana makes our staff better from top to bottom. Pedro Martinez is healthy and hasn’t missed a beat, while John Maine and Oliver Perez, who each won 15 games for us a year ago, are perhaps two of the young star pitchers in the major leagues.

The bullpen will once again be anchored by Billy Wagner, one of the best closers in the game. Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Scott Schoeneweis, Matt Wise and Jorge Sosa all can perform in a variety of roles for us.

Orlando Hernandez, Duaner Sanchez and Ramon Castro will start the season on the Disabled List, but should be ready to go not too far into the season.

With Orlando Hernandez on the Disabled List, Mike Pelfrey will pitch this Saturday against Atlanta. He deserves the chance.

In closing I want to say one more thing. We all hated the way last year ended for us. For 98 percent of the season we were the best team in our division, but we let it slip away. When I spoke to the team this spring I didn’t look backwards that much, I tried to look forward so we can all learn from what happened. The lesson is simple: don’t take anything for granted and don’t expect things to happen just because you think they will.

The season is here. It’s time to make it happen.

Hope to see you back at Shea in April.

Willie Randolph”

OK, now to dissect…

The goal this year is to make our final season at Shea something special and I think we can.”
Your goal should be to AT LEAST make the World Series, not to make this season “something special”. That sounds like you are settling to me, Mr. Mets PR guy…I mean Willie.

Opening Day and the last game will undoubtedly be “special” so I guess the team really doesn’t have to do much on the field for the other 79 home dates.
We’ve had a great spring.”
Really? While the record was pretty good, we all know Spring Training records are meaningless. Most of the starting lineup was hurt for a significant portion of February & March and there is cause for concern. If Alou, Delgado, or Castillo miss significant amounts of time this season, this team is in trouble. John Maine absolutely had a great spring.

we expect Carlos Delgado to have a bounce-back year.”
Don’t you mean we PRAY that Delgado has a bounce back year? Logic and his age dictate that last year was no fluke. I hope they are right, but I will be shocked if he has a better season than last season.

Mike Pelfrey will pitch this Saturday against Atlanta. He deserves the chance.”
This is how I KNOW Willie didn’t write this. Willie hearts the veterans. But I agree, The Big Pelf deserves the chance…I just hope he makes the most of it.

“For 98 percent of the season we were the best team in our division, but we let it slip away.”
OK, here’s my big issue. This team absolutely bent over and took it from the Phillies . Thye lost 11 of the last 14 against Philly. From June 1st on, they played 2 games below .500!!! Yes, they got off to a very good start (16 games over .500) but for the last 4 months of the season, it was nothing but bland, uninspired MEDIOCRE BASEBALL.

2% of the season translates to 3.22 games. To say that they were the best team in the division for all but 3 games (presumably the end of the seaon when they fell to second place) is nothing but spin. Technically, it is correct. But the reality is that they didn’t play well for 67% of the season.

They had the worst regular season collapse in the history of the game. This letter doesn’t change that. In fact, I was starting to forget about all about last season and looking forward to today’s first pitch of Opening Day. But the Mets had to go and ruin that today.

When will their marketing department learn?


6 Responses

  1. Dude, your site sucks. More negative babble. definite thumbs down

  2. True, ALL dat. This “message” was so typical of the Mets, it was almost prototypical. In fact, it IS prototypical, lol.

    I viewed it as somewhat of a slap in the face, as I still believe that either the team/organization (a) is still denial about The Collapse; (b) can’t quite come up with the right words to say, because, truly, there are none, and there are no excuses; or (c) truly doesn’t give an Ishiit about the collapse last year. None of which is good, imo.

    And it’s probably a combination of (a), (b), and (c).

    But hey, Mets, just because you don’t choose to deal with it, doesn’t mean we Mets fans don’t have to and haven’t had to. Sweeping it under the rug with a few bland platitudes and promises of “something special” just doesn’t cut it; not for this Mets fan, anyway.

    So in the immortal words of Shari Forst, stuff your sorries in a sack, mister. You’ve got the teamwork — NOW MAKE THE F’G DREAM WORK, YOU PECKERHEADS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Well, I didnt say that I thought Willie wrote it…plus I did dissect what I liked most about it. And you all know I am not the biggest Willie fan in the world. But what’s he gonna say – we’re not only going to win, we are going to dominate? that’s not willie, and will never be him. Something special to SW (Stupid Willie) is the postseason. F*ck let’s go bowling…I mean, play ball!

  4. Actually, I don’t think they need to send out a letter at all. We already got a letter from Omar right after last season. this letter mostly just stated the obivous aand read like a marketing letter.

    Just go out and play the games.

  5. That’s it — play the games. And make ’em count. That’s all there is to it, boys.

    BTW, I’m voting for Little Willy by Sweet as the Mets’ new 8th inning song. The chorus goes like this, for those of you who don’t know the song: “‘Cause little Willy, Willy won’t go home, But you can’t push Willy ’round, Willy won’t go, Try tellin’ everybody but, oh no, Little Willy, Willy won’t go home…..”

    Yeah, baby! 🙂

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