That WAS An April Fools Joke, Right?

Kudos to the Mets and SNY for pulling the most elaborate April Fools Joke ever!

To have it appear that Pedro Martinez was lobbing in HR balls and then hurting his hammy?


To have the Mets bats play like it was 2007? Only 4 base runners after the 5th, none getting past 1st base? What a great joke!

The “game” had to be “filmed” in the Nevada desert, where NASA “filmed” the 1969 moon landing, right?

Unfortunately, it was all too real. All the good feelings from game #1 gone before game #2 is even over. Such is life as a Mets fan. Seriously, WTF?

This one HURTS as much as any second game of the season can possibly hurt. The phrase “insult to injury” was never more apropos than it was on April 1, 2008. Pedro worked SO HARD to get back to be there, Pedro means SO MUCH to this team both in spirit/morale and to the rotation and to the team’s success.

There was always a fairly decent chance that Pedro was going to spend a little time on the DL this season but to have it come so early is ominous and detrimental to the team getting off to a fast start. A fast start is crucial to wipe away the post 2007 doubts that linger in the minds of all but the most ridiculously optimistic fans and surely linger in the minds of the players.

Now that fast start has to come without Pedro…and without El Duque, for at least the time being. Hernandez will start for the PSL Mets on Thursday and is eligible to come off the DL April 13. For the time being, Willie Randolph said he expected Nelson Figueroa to be called up but it could be Jorge Sosa who takes Pedro’s spot in the rotation. Now Mike Pelfrey REALLY needs to gain his focus.

Pedro was slated to be the starter for the home opener on Tuesday, hopefully the rest of the rotation moves up a slot (thanks to Thursday & Monday being off days) which would give Oliver Perez the nod. Under this scenario, Sosa or Figueroa would have to make a start by April 12

Its great to have Johan Santana go every 5 days and it looks like John Maine is ready to step in to the spotlight as a front line pitcher. But the Mets rotation was touted all offseason long as a strength and now question marks abound beyond Maine and Santana.

Which Oliver Perez will you get in each of his starts? The sharp one or the one who loses focus at the first sign of adversity?

Will Pedro return quickly? Will he be effective when he does? Will he be durable?

Same can be said for El Duque.

Will Pelfrey mature and turn into the pitcher that he has been touted to be? Or is he the latest in a long line of overrated and overhyped Mets prospects?

Is Claudo Vargas the answer?

I hope the Mets find some answers quickly. This season is supposed to be “something special” but it can quickly turn into something awful…2007.


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