Weak Willie

From Bart Hubbuch’s Met Notes in today’s New York Post:

Carlos Beltran and Willie Randolph still were fuming after Beltran appeared to be robbed of a home run in the fifth inning Wednesday.

The shot initially was ruled a home run, and Beltran was already in the Mets’ dugout when second-base umpire Rick Reed changed it to a double because the crew was unsure if it had cleared the outfield railing at Dolphin Stadium.

Replays appeared to indicate it was a homer.

“[Reed] let the other guys overrule him, which I didn’t understand,” Randolph said. “At least it didn’t hurt us.”

There you have in a single quote why Willie Randolph is the wrong choice for this (or any other) team.

If you watched the game, you saw Willie go out to basically chat for a few seconds with the umps after they changed the HR call. Then he walked away with a pout on his face like a child at the mall who mommy told him he couldn’t have any Baskin Robbins.

The umps blew the blatantly obvious call and probably no amount of arguing was going to change that. But it is the manager’s responsibility to at least put on a good show and show his guys that he supports them. Somewhere between Willie Randolph’s nonchalance and Lou Pinella’s psychosis, there is a place that all managers need to visit when the situation dictates.

Willie just doesn’t have the sort of attitude or personality that is going to make a difference with the Mets. After 3 seasons of watching him manage, it is the same old Willie.

For him to say “at least it didn’t hurt us” is stomach churning. When that happened, it cost the Mets a run that would have made it 6-0 (and the Mets went on to win 13-0) . But IT COULD HAVE hurt the Mets and maybe the next time the umps make a bad call IT WILL.

Why not go out there and show the umps that they should respect the Mets?

We always hear Willie say “he trusts his guys”, why not show them that he supports them too?

This is the same sort of complacency that we have seen from him for the last 3+ seasons. How many times did we hear all that crap in 2007 about trusting his guys and “being a winner” everywhere he’s been? He spewed that crap on a daily basis in 2007.

His team played sub .500 ball after May 31, 2007 on his watch. We all know how that ended.


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