Another Path-Met-ic Performance

Willie’s seat is getting ever so warmer. Just 5 games into the 2008 campaign and the Mets are partying like its 2007.

Willie Randolph’s fingerprints were all over Saturday’s loss in Atlanta.

Failure to properly manage the bullpen–leaving Sosa in against batters that Feliciano should have faced.

Strangely asking Reyes to bunt with 2 runners on and a pitcher getting tatooed all over the place.

So on Sunday we get vintage 2007 Mets inept and lethargic play. Nothing has changed from last year. All 3 losses thus far have been no different than any game last year. Its 5 games in and its strange to say but its time to be worried.

Johan Santana gave a substandard (for him) effort and STILL should have gotten a “W”. He gave up 1 run & 7 hits in 7 innings with 3 K’s and no walks…and took the loss. His ERA dropped to 1.93.

Other than Santana, it was nothing but crap all around him.

The Luis Castillo 4 year contract is already looking like the huge mistake we all knew it would be. He cannot hit (batting .190) and is leaving runners in scoring position on base seemingly everytime he is up.

Golden Boy David Wright was 0-for-2 with 2 walks and left more runners on base, continuing what he started on Saturday. But it was his fielding that may have done in the Mets today.

In the bottom of the 3rd, Mark Kotsay lead off with a double. John Smoltz was the next batter and laid down a bunt to the 3rd base side of the mound. Wright charged despite the ball being in Santana’s reach. Had Wright gone back to the bag, Kotsay probably wouldn’t have advanced. But Wright’s gaffe left 3rd base wide open for Kotsay who advanced when Santana threw to 1st to get Smoltz.

Two batters later with Kotsay still on 3rd, Yunel Escobar hit a fly ball to left. Angel Pagan appeared to either be playing too far in or temporarily lost the ball in the sun and the ball was hit over his head and off the wall to score Kotsay.

Carlos Delgado actually went 2-for-4 on the day and raised his average to .350 but is reduced to being nothing but a singles hitter. In the 4th, Delgado was on 1st with 1 out when Ryan Church hit a fly out. Delgado was practically on 2nd by the time the ball was caught and was easily doubled up. I hope Delgado is embarrassed. Delgado is not performing like a #5 hitter, Willie needs to wake up and realize this.

Aaron Heilman came in to pitch the 8th and gave up a 2 out, bases empty walk to Larry Jones. Next batter was Mark Teixeira who clobbered a change up that Heilman grooved. That made it 3-0 and the day seemed to be over for the Mets.

Top of the 9th, Wright walked to lead off. Carlos Beltran followed with an AB that was exactly like 2006 NLCS Game 7–bat on shoulder, caught looking. Delgado followed with a fly out and then Church singled Wright (who advanced to 2nd on indifference) home.

With the score now 3-1, Pagan walked and he was followed by Brian Schneider. Schneider smoked a ball done the 1B line that Teixeira made a fine diving stab on. Game over.

We all know the “season is a marathon, not a sprint” cliche but the rules are different for the 2008 New York Mets. After the 2007 collapse, it was imperative for the Mets to get off to a good early start. After 5 games, its starting to look like June-September 2007 around here and things need to change quickly.  Otherwise Willie is going to need to pack his bags midseason.

Johan Santana was supposed to be the cure-all and he even fell victim to this crap today.

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