2008 At Shea Just Like 2007

So here I am back in my apartment after another craptacular day at Shea. 2008 begins just like 2007 ended.

For all the talk of the Mets supposedly turning the page after THE collapse, it is starting to smell an awful like 2007 around here. Batters can’t hit, bullpen can’t pitch, Willie can’t manage. Omar’s team is severely flawed.

Same old, same old.

The turning point of this game for me was when Randolph yanked Oliver Perez with 2 outs in the 6th. It wasn’t that Perez was so great. In fact, Perez was showing signs of unraveling…as he sometimes does.

In the 6th, Perez got the first 2 batters out and then walked Pat Burrell after being ahead in the count. Then came a balk and a Brian Schneider passed ball. Out came Willie, out came Perez…in came Joe Smith.

As I said, it looked like we might be in for a classic Perez meltdown but with 2 outs and a 2 run lead, I would have preferred to have seen him get out of the inning. The post 2006 bullpen is almost always an adventure. Luckily, Smith got out of the inning unscathed. The Mets were still up 2-0

Scott Shoeneweis came in for Smith at the top of the 7th and in classic 2007 fashion, The Small Show loads up the bases by giving up singles to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino and then hits Chase Utley (his 3rd HBP of the day…un f’n believable)

Next up, Ryan Howard, who hits a tailor made 3-6-1 DP ball..except that Carlos Delgado’s throw hits Utley in the back at 2nd…2 runs score, game is tied.

In comes Jorge Sosa, out goes all hope for Mets fans. Jason Werth goes the other way for an RBI single, Phillies take a 3-2 lead and go up for good.

I could dissect the rest of the game but I’ll just cut to the chase: Aaron Heilman gives up 2 more runs, Mets bats dormant (as they have been since June 2007). Mets lose to the Phillies (yet again) 5-2.

There is serious cause for concern with this ball club.

Omar Minaya STILL has a flawed team, following last year’s debacle.

Johan Santana only pitches every 5th day. There are only 3 bona fide major league starters currently healthy.

Omar’s bullpen is scary. All he could add was Matt Wise, and he’s already hurt. 2006 seems so long ago. Where have you gone Chad Bradford?

Omar’s starting LF is going to play half the season, his starting 2B is hurt again (and will likely be for all 4 years of his ridiculous contract).

His manager is severely inept.

No one was held accountable after THE collapse.

We are now 6 games into the season and the Mets have lost 4 games. All 4 losses were vintage 2007 Mets “couldn’t give a crap” losses. At what point do they turn that page I kept hearing about all spring? Yes, this team has flaws but they aren’t THIS bad. They show no fight, no pride.

At what point does Willie learn how to manage and/or motivate his troops?

They have lost 3 in a row already this season and something like 75 in a row against the Phillies. I have had enough of this crap.

Teflon Don Omar and his flunky Willie both better watch their backs. Fred Wilpon’s Citi Field looms large, both figuratively and literally. The product that is put in the new park HAS TO be better than this.

2008 can be a very successful season but the tide needs to turn quickly. I got a sense today at Shea that the fans are already getting restless,  I already am.

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