Joel Sherman Taking Shots At The Teflon GM

Tonight on his Hardball Blog, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman makes some very insightful comments regarding Omar Minaya, The Teflon GM.

On Luis Castillo: “Luis Castillo was simply a bad gamble at four years and $25 million for the Mets New York Mets . The original plan for the Mets was to try and sign David Eckstein as an energizer bunny to play second.”

“The market, however, dwindled on Eckstein and he ended up having to sign for just one year with the Blue Jays for $4.5 million.”

“By then, the Mets had already panicked into giving Castillo way too much and – more important – for too long.”

“Now he has had to come out of the Met home opener with a sore right knee, and you get the sense this is going to be what the Mets endure throughout this contract with Castillo. And, at worst, his speed diminishes and he falls to a well below average player. Call it the Curse of Ruben Gotay”

“Perhaps if Castillo is out for a few games the Mets will experiment with either Ryan Church or Angel Pagan hitting No. 2 behind JJose Reyes . It might be a better look for the Mets to have more power behind Reyes and a player with a good eye such as Castillo batting eighth. Of course, you don’t want to give eighth-place hitters four-year, $25 million contracts, and Castillo might not love this idea. But the money is already guaranteed and Castillo is the employee.”

On the Mets apparent country club atmosphere:

“I just find it ridiculous that between his hernia surgery and reporting recently to the St. Lucie complex that Moises Alou was allowed by the Mets to go home. GM Omar Minaya said he had no problem with it and that Alou was told to ride a stationary bike and stay in general shape. But the Mets have money and a chunk of their season wrapped up in Alou. And they should have him under their supervision at all times during his rehab. The same goes for Pedro Martinez, who Minaya described as “in Florida.” That sure didn’t sound like he is constantly in St. Lucie under a Met trainer’s care.”

Little by little, the truth about Omar is coming to the surface. The shine is wearing off. Maybe he will no longer be the Teflon GM being praised on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

This is a high priced flawed team that lacks discipline. Willie Randolph will be Omar’s scapegoat should the season continue on the way it has started through the first 6 games. Despite Willie’s glaring shortcomings as a manager, the mess that the Mets may be on the road to becoming has Omar’s fingerprints all over it.


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  1. Great find and analysis here Corey. I do have to say some things to sort of back up your claims too. For one, it does not surprise me one bit that Alou is being “sent home” for his rehab. Of course, I’m screaming, you have to be effing kidding me. But on the other hand, it doesn’t surprise me b/c it’s that whole trusted veteran pedigree. He’s Omar’s bud. If he wants to chill at home while he’s hurt, why not? It’s not hurting anyone. As for Pedro, I am pretty p’d off at him right now. All of us felt that with Pedro in the rotation for a full season (yeah, right, that was pretty dumb of us), we were unstoppable. However, I am mad at Pedro for not taking his rehabbing or conditioning seriously. This is what the REd Sox fans warned us about with Petey – they love him because when he’s on he is ON. He just doesn’t want to work at it anymore. I saw something interesting down in PSL, and I’m not sure if you saw any of the open workouts. But I saw Pedro strolling in late. I saw Pedro not participating in the exercises. I saw Pedro just doing his throwing drills which is fine. but keep in mind one thing. In 2005, he skipped his last scheduled start (so i could see Zambrano throw the last home game of the season, thank you), b/c he wanted to go home. Yeah, Pedro, that’s what we gave you four years for. Fine. 2006 comes. He doesn’t want to make the first home start and he gives that to Glavine. Which was fine, but ok, you miss your last scheduled start and you relinquish your first home start, which all fans want to see? Then we all know what happened after…makes me wonder how much of Pedro’s actual injuries the Mets are keeping from us. Right now though, I’m done with Pedro. I hate the special treatment he gets because he’s Pedro.

    Whew, that was a lot LOL

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