Willie Must Be Joking, Right?

In the Wednesday edition of the Daily News, Adam Rubin writes the following:

“Oliver Perez extended his scoreless streak to open the season to 112/3 innings. Perez had never recorded consecutive scoreless starts in his career, but Randolph wasn’t overly enthused by Perez’s performance, which required 94 pitches and included three walks, a hit batter and a balk by the time he turned the ball over to Joe Smith with two out in the sixth.

“All of our starters have to give us more length than that,” Randolph said.”

Let the record show that HE took Perez out of the game in a situation where the Mets were STILL LEADING THE GAME 2-0.  Why not see if Perez can get out of the jam on his own, Willie?  Why tax your bullpen like you did all year last year?  Maybe Perez even goes another inning?

No, Willie would rather take a shot at his starting pitcher.


One Response

  1. I have to be honest; I dislike Willie more every day. Although I didn’t think that his yanking of Perez was a bad decision; I think he made plenty of other worse ones yesterday than that one.

    But it does appear as if Willie still has no clue who’s playing for him, and less of a clue how to actually USE those guys, and I’m happy that the bloom is finally coming off of Omar’s rose. In fact, I’m going to be doing a column which talks about that very thing over at F.U. shortly.

    Bottom line? Meet the new Mets, same as the old Mets.

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