Mike & The Mad Dog….Are Right????

On their WFAN show today, Francessa & Russo took time from their discussions abouit what Nielsen rating yesterday’s Masters telecast got and trying to figure what exactly the intewebs is to discuss the questionable bullpen management of Willie Randolph.

The discussion centered around Tuesday’s quick yank of Oliver Perez, which I already had a problem with, and last night’s removal of John Maine in the top of the 7th.

I can make arguments for both sides regarding Maine last night.

On one hand, Maine was getting rocked in that inning. Other hand, he still had a 2 run lead following the Feliz HR and with only 90 pitches thrown, he could have been given a chance to get out of the inning.

If Maine gives up another hit or two, by all means take him out. But with Nelson Figueroa starting tonight and the bullpen already being heavily used this week, the argument can be made to see if you can stretch out Maine for another inning and see if you can help him build his confidence.

The Perez move was of particular concern to me and Willie had a ridiculous excuse regarding this in the post game press conference. There was absolutely no reason to take Perez out of a game where he through only 94 pitches and had a two run lead.

I am in full agreement with Mike & Chris (I just threw up in my mouth). Willie needs to treat Maine & Perez like reliable starting pitchers. He is not only messing with their psyches, he is going to burn out the bullpen like he did last season.

Willie ever learn how to manage?


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