Reason #2372 Why Willie Will NEVER Be A Good Manager

Peter Botte (covering for Adam Rubin) on the Daily News’ Surfing The Mets Blog has Willie Randolph’s pre-game response when Willie was asked about what happens to Angel Pagan once Moises Alou returns.

Willie was emphatic on Part 1, cautioning everyone to “not get crazy” with the hyperbole about Pagan, who is a nice fourth outfielder and a nice story so far. “Moises Alou is my left fielder,” Randolph said.

Of course Alou is going to get the bulk of the time when he gets back. Until proven otherwise, Alou is still a great batter (when he’s healthy, of course). But did Willie have to essentially call Pagan a flash-in-the-pan? Can he for once show some confidence in a younger player and get off this stupid & unreasonable infatuation with veteran players?

How is Pagan supposed to interpret this quote other than his manager doesn’t believe in him or his abilities?

Its becoming clearer and clearer that Willie Randolph was not rejected by team after team because of the color of his skin. Only Omar Minaya took the bait on this sub par manager.


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