BREAKING NEWS: Willie Randolph Shows Emotion

It came about 10 months too late but Willie Randolph showed actual human emotion (anger) following today’s Mets 9-7 suckfest of a loss at Shea.

“Too many opportunities wasted,” Randolph said with disgust after the Mets hit into five double plays. “Just a sloppy game, the kind of games we can’t have. It was one of those giveaway games, and we’ve got to be better than that.”

Willie has a right to be angry but he is also part of the problem. This team is playing horrible baseball and he has sat back and allowed this team to play uninspired, lifeless baseball since June 1, 2007. Since that date, the Mets have been playing sub .500 baseball.

Where were quotes like he gave today while his team collapsed? All we got was the spiel about him being a winner everywhere he’s been.

Where is he when it comes time to defend his players to the umpires?

Ryan Church was called out at 1st on a close play for the back end of a DP and looked angry while looking at the dugout for support from his manager that never came.

Later, Brian Schneider was clearly safe on a similar play and Willie came out of the dugout to basically have a brief casual chat with the umpires. Willie then walked away. The Mets are in the midst of trying to mount a comeback and their leader showed absolutely no fire or determination, why should his players?

Oliver Perez, clearly didn’t have it today and yet the Mets STILL could have won this game. The Brewers did everything they possibly could to hand a W to the Mets.

The Brewers surrendered 8 walks and 14 hits…and the Mets left 10 runners on base and hit into four five DPs (including the two I just mentioned). This team lacks clutch hitting, which has been going on since right around that June 1, 2007 date.

In the 8th, Brady Clark, who was inserted into the lineup as the result of a double switch (yes, Willie Randolph actually employed the double switch today) was on 3rd with no outs and killed a rally by running on contact on a ball hit by Luis Castillo. The ball was a bouncer right to Prince Fielder playing the bag at 1st. Fielder fired home to nail Clark. Rally killed.

Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado just don’t seem to get timely hits. Ever.

David Wright’s fielding is really starting to scare me. David getting his 2007 Gold Glove before the game could be the most ironic thing ever.

The bullpen already does scare me..

This team is not fun to watch and has been since June 1, 2007. Changes need to be made before this season is lost.

Willie showing anger today is too little, too late.


3 Responses

  1. I didn’t get to watch the game yesterday. I heard part of it on the radio. They were saying 5 DPs, not 4, including 1 per inning for 5 straight innings. WOW! I don’t know what Willie’s aversion is to getting thrown out of a game every once in awhile to back his players. Perhaps he’s afraid of being outmanaged by his replacement.

    The strange thing is, all indications show that guys on the team love playing for Willie. Maybe they just say it for public consumption and privately they are dissatisfied, but other than Lastings Milledge and Paul Lo Duca last year, and an occasional quote about bullpen misuse from Billy Wagner, everything ever said by a player about Randolph has been a gushing compliment.

    Regardless, it’s obvious to me, and most anyone else who’s paying attention, that even-keel Willie doesn’t work on this team. Just as pitchers and hitters have to make adjustments to each other in order to improve, Willie needs to make adjustments to his managerial style if he’s going to keep his job, let alone thrive. I think he’s just too stubborn to do it at this point of his managerial career. It might take a firing for him to truly learn from his mistakes.

  2. Yes, it was 5 DPs.

  3. I have to laugh at Willie, almost. I really do. He says too little too late, and then does absolutely nothing to correct the situation.

    This team flat is flat, uninspired, boring to watch, frustrating as all get out, and simply not a team worthy of its payroll and its fans, not at this point, anyway.

    Something needs to be done, and quickly. Otherwise 2008 is 2007, deja-vu all over again.

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