Rant: Too Many Uniforms

Lots of things bother me about the Mets and the way they are run. I LOVE the Mets and want to see them do everything the right way, but often they fall quite short.

There are some things regarding the Mets that really bring out my inner curmudgeon. One of those things is the myriad of uniform options that the Mets currently have. It is hard for the outside world to take a team seriously when it has 5 different jerseys (home pinstripes, home solid white, home black, road gray, road black) and 3 different hats (blue, black & blue two tone, solid black). As a fan, I find it a little embarrassing.

To me, “THE” Mets uniform is the white with blue pinstripes home uniform with Mets in script across the front. That was the uniform on Opening day at the Polo Grounds in 1962 and it stands the test of time. I don’t even mind that a little bit of black shading was added to the numbers and letters, it is still “THE” Mets uniform. That’s the uniform I want to see the Mets wearing most of the time this season at Shea and especially at Citi Field in 2009.

Unfortunately, through 5 games played at Shea, we saw pinstripes & blue caps at Shea once…and sadly not on Opening Day.Long time Mets Equipment Manager Charlie Samuels is supposedly the one who determines what the Mets wear on a daily basis. You would think he would have a sense of Mets tradition. All he needs to do is take a look around Shea, most people wear blue Mets caps. Its what we all identify the Mets with. The front office should dictate to Samuels that blue is to be worn most of the time.

That said, I have a huge problem with the solid white (pinstripe-less) uniforms. Its not that I think they are ugly. After all, they look like what a traditional baseball uniform should look like. My problem with them is that it is not the Mets’ traditional uniform and therefore, I think it serves no purpose. If the Mets wore solid white at home all these years and then suddenly introduced pinstripes into the mix, I would hate the pinstripes as much as I currently hate the solids.

Quite simply, why do you need two different similar/traditional looking white based uniforms???

If you were paying attention earlier, I said “most of the time” when discussing the use of the pinstriped uniform because I actually like the look of the Mets black uniforms. Also, even though I am more more or less a traditionalist, I am a capitalist at heart and love the business side of sports. I understand the need for creating something new and generating new sales and marketing opportunities (even if all teams split licensing money equally).

The pinstripes & road grays are supposed to be the main uniforms with the solid home whites and both black uniforms as the alternates. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The solid white home jersey and the black home jersey are worn far more often than the pinstripes. If I had to guess, I would say the black home jersey is worn for about 40% of the home games, the solid white is worn for about 40% of the home games, and the pinstripes are worn for only 10% of the games.

On the road, it seems like there is a 50-50 split between the gray jersey and the black road jersey. But again, the black is supposed to be the alternate.

The Mets need to start embrassing their own traditions and history. Citi Field is going to be a homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers rather than a salute to the Mets own history.

There should be some pride in the uniform that the team wears.


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