WTF Is Willie’s Problem With Angel Pagan?

Roderick Boone in Newsday reports that for the second time in a week, Willie Randolph has insulted his current leading offensive threat Angel Pagan.

Willie Randolph turned both palms down and motioned a few times toward the ground, almost like a bailiff telling everyone in the courtroom to have a seat or a pastor letting the congregation know it’s all right to sit down.

The conversation, as it has on more than a few occasions this season, had moved to Angel Pagan, and that’s when the Mets manager made the gesture, looking to quell the excitement regarding Pagan’s surprisingly torrid start. It was Randolph’s Bill Parcells-like way of telling everyone to relax, that no one should have a bust made of Pagan and ship it to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown just yet.

“He’s still a nice player, but let’s not get crazy,” Randolph said. “I hope he stays this way all year long. But he came in here as our fourth outfielder, and when your backup guys come in and really do a job for you, you love that kind of thing.”

What a backhanded compliment! “He’s still a nice player, but let’s not get crazy”.

Yes he is and why not, Willie?

Then there was this quote in the New York Post “Met Notes”

“He’s not going to be in that tree all year,” Randolph said of Pagan, who is also tied with David Wright David Wright for the team lead with 10 RBIs. “We’ve seen a lot of players come through the pike and do what Pagan’s doing, so let’s keep this in perspective.”

I think Willie Randolph has lost his mind. Again, why can’t we expect this all season from Pagan?

As I said the other day, obviously Moises Alou shouldn’t lose his job to Pagan when he is ready to come back but right now we don’t know when Alou will be back.

Pagan is the only guy hustling out there and he is the only guy getting hits on a regular basis. Maybe this is the year Pagan develops into a legit major league outfielder?

Plus if Pagan keep up this level of play, how could you possibly think of relegating him to the bench? When Alou comes back, Pagan might have earned the right to platoon with Alou and Church. Plus we all know Alou will probably be hurt again at some other point of the season. Why not keep all these guys fresh in a platoon situation?

Davey Johnson was no managerial genius but he realized what he had in his dugout. In 1986, he found enough opportunities to give a signiifcant number of OF starts to Len Dykstra, Mookie Wilson, Danny Heep, George Foster, Darryl Strawberry & Kevin Mitchell.

Why can’t Willie do the same with his OF mix…and why hasn’t Endy Chavez started a game in the OF yet? Endy hasn’t done anything as a PH yet and getting a full game or two of AB’s can hopefully get him going.

You know who else wouldn’t be taking shots at his best player and be happy he is getting this sort of output? Bobby Valentine.

Bobby would revel in Angel Pagan’s success and would ride that horse to the finish line

Willie Randolph is the anti-Bobby Valentine, he does everything the opposite of Valentine (aka the smart baseball decision).

I want to get Willie a “What Would Bobby Valentine Do?” bracelet.  Everytime Willie has to make a baseball decision, he can look at the bracelet and wonder WWBVD? (which coincedentally is the exact opposite of what Willie’s intuition tells him to do)


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