Yay! Mets Return To Non-Suckyness

Tonight, THE BIG PELF became a man.

It was a Bar Mets-vah of sorts for Mike Pelfrey who led the Mets to a 6-0 win over the Nationals.

Pelfrey pitched 7 scoreless innings, giving up 5 hits and 2 walks while gathering 4 Ks. He looked good, as he did last September, and hopefully he is finally on the right track.

Pelfrey went to 2-0 and has 1 less win than the combination of all other Mets starters (Perez, Santana, and Figueroa all have 1 W each).

The key moment for Pelfrey came in the 3rd when he loaded the bases and then proceeded to strike out both Ryan Zimmerman and Nick Johnson to get out of the inning.

On a night when the Mets were reunited with former teammates Paul LoDuca (who did not play) and Lastings Milledge (who was booed WAY more than cheered), it felt like Golden Boy David Wright returned to the Mets. Fresh off his David Letterman appearance, Wright went 3-for-5 on a HR and 2 doubles and had 5 RBI on the night. Clearly, the kid loves the spotlight.

Jose Reyes returned to the Mets tonight, both figuratively and literally. He went 4-for-5 (2 singles, double, and a triple) in his first game back after the hamstring strain. It was the first time we have seen the real Jose Reyes since some time in the middle of 2007.

Willie Randolph, perhaps in the beginning stages of staving off a firing, shuffled his lineup tonight. Ryan Chruch batting second, Angel Pagan sixth, and Luis Castillo eighth. The move seemed to work with Church going 1-for-3 (walk, single) with 2 runs scored, Pagan going 1-for-3 (walk, single), and Castillo going 0-for-2 with 2 walks, a SB, and a run scored.

Aaron Heilman came in to start the 8th accompanied by a round of ridiculous boos. He gave up a double (more boos), and a walk before getting through the inning.

Dirty Duaner Sanchez pitched the 9th in his first appearance for the Mets in 21 months. He looked pretty good giving up a hit and getting a K.

Other than the Mets getting a win with good pitching and big hitting and the return of Duaner Sanchez, the highlight of the evening probably was Gary Cohen discussing “Saved By The Bell” with a clueless Keith Hernandez.

“SBTB” came up because Mike Pelfrey apparantly loved watching it as a kid growing up in Kansas. Gary said that Pelfrey would be most like A.C. Slater since Slater was the school’s starting quarterback.

Obviously/hopefully, Gary is familiar with the show because he has teenage daughters and not because he is a fan.


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