Alou To Play 1B?

Moises Alou is slated to be back with the Mets over the weekend and according to WFAN’s Evan Roberts, there is “buzz” that Alou could be asked to play 1B.   Presumably, Alou and Carlos Delgado would split time at 1B and Alou and Angel Pagan will split time in LF.

I haven’t seen this in the press or any Mets beat writer’s blog, so I am not sure how much we can really buy into this.  Also taking into considering that Delgado will not be happy about being platooned and Willie Randolph is so ridiculously adverse to change, I am skeptical of this ever going down.

Roberts was at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday and said that’s where he picked up on this story.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds more like fan conjecture than unsubstantiated rumor. In theory, it’s not a bad idea. However, has Moises Alou ever fielded a ground ball as a pro? At almost 42 years old, it’s probably a bit late for him to start changing positions. I guess the most telling sign will come if he starts playing some innings at first during his rehab time. If he comes back to the major league roster without logging any time at first while in the minors, you can forget about this happening.

    How about Pagan picking up a 1B glove instead? At least he’s a young enough leopard to change his spots, and he’s supposed to be a terrific athlete in general.

  2. I don’t think Alou is going to first base anytime soon. Willie simply doesn’t do that type of thing to veteran players — embarrass them with the use of OTHER veteran players to take over their positions. It just doesn’t seem likely to me, unless Carlos D gets *cough cough* “hurt,” in which case all options are open and up for grabs.

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