The Weekend That (Almost) Was

I’m back from my Passover/Weekend of Errands & Family Visits blogging sabbatical, so lets get to it.

I guess I can skip right over the Friday & Saturday night wins in Philly because its ancient history in this blogging age. Besides, complaining about Mets losses is what I do best.  The Mets lost 5-4, blowing the chance to sweep the Phillies.

I had a bad feeling going into Sunday night. Mike Pelfrey had come into the game with a 2-0 record and a 1.50 ERA, he was due for a misstep and a matchup against the Phillies in the ESPN national TV spotlight seemed like the perfect storm for this to happen.

BIG PELF vacillated between looking good to not so much all night long. In the end, Pelfrey had trouble keeping the ball down and the Phillies were taking batting practice off of him, hitting ropes all over the place. He gave up 10 hits and 4 runs in 5 innings, with the big blow coming on a 3 run Chase Utley HR. Utley also hit a solo HR in the 1st inning. All things considered, the night could have been much worse for Pelf, who ended up with a no decision.

Is it just me or does Willie Randolph seem to not care about sweeping ANY series? The Mets have been on a “nice little run” (if I may use some Willie-speak), having won 5 in a row,  with Ryan Church batting 2nd and Luis Castillo batting 8th. So last night, Willie put the .226 hitting Castillo back hitting second and Church was hitting 5th. Why mess with something that clearly has been working?

It may have been coincidental that the Mets were winning with Church batting 2nd but it definitely would have been nice to have Church batting in the 9th with the tying and winning runs (Damion Easley and Jose Reyes) on 1st & 2nd with no one out. Instead, Castillo was in that spot and he struck out.

All I know is Church has far surpassed all my expectations thus far and the trade Omar Minaya made is really looking good right now. Church even added a very nice catch at the wall in the first (picture on the right).

Something needs to be done with Carlos Delgado, he is a black hole in the middle of the lineup. In the first week or two weeks of the season, he wasn’t getting extra base hits but at least he was getting singles. Now, he isn’t doing anything and his average is down to .200. Willie needs to stop coddling the veterans and move Delgado down in the order. After last season’s performance, it is pretty much safe to say that Delgado is done.

All in all, I’ll take 2 out of 3 from the Phillies (and 4 out of 6 on the season) but a sweep would have been especially nice. Its early on but every game you can distance yourself from the Phillies is vital, with or with out Jimmy Rollins.

Speaking of Rollins, two things:

1. The way the Phillies handled the Rollins injury is incredibly reminiscent of something the Mets would do. Rollins first got hurt on April 8th and has played mostly as a pinch hitter since, most recently on Saturday. On Sunday, the Phillies put him on the 15 day DL.

If I was a Phillies fan, first I would punch myself in the face. Then I would question why the F did they take almost 2 weeks to DL Rollins? This now means that Rollins will be out just short of 1 month with a ankle sprain. Ridiculous.

2. That said, I am not going accept excuses from Phillies fans saying the Mets are beating the Phillies because Rollins isn’t playing. If you want to use that crap, then I am going to point out all the injuries the Mets had last season as the Phillies beat up on them. Besides, as I just pointed out, he is going to miss a whole month due to a sprained ankle. Blame the idiots running your team.

My loser of the week award goes to the blonde girl who was sitting a few rows behind the Mets dugout with a sign that said “I go both ways–Mets & Phillies”. She switched off between wearing Mets & Phillies shirts all night and continuously waved to the camera. She was obnoxious on multiple levels. Kudos to you!


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