Willie Being Willie (aka F’n Stupid)

Seriously, WTF is Willie’s proiblem with Angel Pagan?

Tonight’s lineup is posted…and Willie is being Willie AGAIN.

Castillo batting 2nd..again.

Church is batting 6th…again.

Chavez is batting 8th…again.

No freakin’ Angel Pagan…again.

I was all for getting Chavez a start , and he got it last night. But Pagan has been GREAT for the Mets and this is how he gets rewarded? Two days off?

Players LOVE to play against their old teams, especially ones that traded them away…and manager usually love to give them that opportunity. NOT Willie, he has Pagan sit in Chicago tonight.

Its pretty obvious what Willie is up to here. He’ll put Pagan in the lineup tomorrow in the hope that Pagan goes cold this week. With Moises Alou ready to come back this week, Willie won’t have to explain to the press (and the fans) why he is benching a now suddenly cold Angel Pagan. This HAS TO be the reason why Pagan is not playing tonight…Willie loves the old players.

If you don’t buy into my conspiracy theory and take it at face value, then it STILL makes no sense. Why would you sit a hot player two days in a row? Does anyone remember in 2005 when Willie sat a smoking hot Cliff Floyd in the middle of a 20 game hitting streak?  That streak ended the very next game.

Willie being Willie.


2 Responses

  1. ha! i completely buy into your conspiracy theory!

  2. I agree completely… Willie is being ridiculous. Why does he not see what is so clear? Castillo in the 2 spot doesn’t work as well as Church there. Who wouldn’t have liked to have seen Church up last night in the 9th with two on and no outs?

    I’ve loved Angel Pagan since Spring Training, and it makes me crazy that he’s not playing again tonight.

    Oh great…. Cubs up 2-0.

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