You Are On Notice, Mr. Schedule Maker!

You suck, schedule maker.

First you had to go and schedule a weekend series in Philly to coincide with Passover…and I got to miss out in all the fun…as chronicled by Matt at MetsBlog, and my blogging buddies Coop at My Summer Family, and Zoe at Pick Me Up Some Mets.

OK, I can deal with missing the Philly trip, after all I will be heading down to Philly for the July 4th weekend series (and staying at the Mets’ hotel).

But this two game series in Chicago is just out-and-out cruel. Chicago has been a destination for me and my fiance to see the Mets for the last 2 seasons, the schedule makers blessed us with weekend series in both 2006 & 2007. It has become a special place for me & my fiance and something we now look forward to.

Chicago is a great city and Wrigley Field is an unbelievably great place to see a game (way better than Fenway Park, BTW)…and man, do I love Murphy’s Bleachers.

Not only is Murphy’s a great outdoor place to grab a reasonably priced beer right outside the bleacher entrance but they also put up the sign that appears below up outside their fine establishment before the first game of the 2007 Mets/Cubs series.

So why, oh why did you schedule a measly 2 game series, midweek, in April????

You better schedule a nice 2009 summer weekend trip for the Mets to visit Wrigley….or better yet, TWO weekends.

Until then, You’re On Notice


2 Responses

  1. Ha ha ha! I have that same exact pic on my blog from when I went to chicago last year!

  2. Awww, sorry about Chicago!

    My parents and grandfather get a special mention for allowing us to celebrate Passover on Sunday night instead of Saturday so I could make the trip 🙂 (Ok, I didn’t exactly give them much choice…)

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