Fire Willie!

If you missed today’s SNY broadcast, you missed an unbelievable piece of info reported by Gary Cohen:

Willie Randolph said today that he thought there was something wrong with Derek Lee (who was on 3B as a base runner) picking up the foul ball in last night’s game but Willie didn’t make a big deal out of it because the umpires didn’t seem to notice it.

REALLY? Lee should have been out and it wasn’t a big deal because the umpires don’t know the freakin’ rules? This is unconscionable, if I were his boss I’d fire him immediately.

(Actually I would have fired him after he showed no leadership skills during the worst collapse of all time)

Willie Randolph is clearly not cut out to lead or manage. How can he not go out there and support his team based on what’s in the rule book??

Not only Bobby Valentine be out there arguing but he would have recited the specific rule that was violated for the umps word-for-word from his memory.

Then in the bottom 8th inning with the Mets losing 4-1, the Mets played their infield in even though the Cubs had the bases loaded and 1 out. Baseball 101 dictates that the infield play back for the DP.

So what happens? A sharp grounder is hit to Jose Reyes, which should have been a DP ball. Reyes goes home for the force out (out #2) and then Jorge Sosa gives up a grand slam to Ronny Cedeno, the next batter.

The Mets should have been out of the inning and instead are now down 8-1. Part of the blame here goes to Reyes, who could have gone to 2nd in the hopes of getting a 6-4-3 DP but the bulk of the blame falls squarely on Willie Randolph. But by being told to play in, Reyes was probably only thinking about going home.

However, Willie has no excuse. How do you not think DP in this situation? You’ve “been a winner everywhere you’ve been”, how do you not play back for a DP?

This team has no focus and no sense of urgency…and it starts with the manager.


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  1. My nickname for Willie is “BOBO THE RODEO CLOWN”

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