Forgetting Aaron Heilman

Dear Aaron Heilman,

I want to trust you…but I can’t anymore.

Granted, the 8th inning last night was not all your doing. If Jose Reyes doesn’t commit that error, who knows what might have been?

But the truth is Aaron, the problems run deeper than just last night. This relationship went south some time ago…and I realize it isn’t all your fault.

Its tough when people want to make you into something you are not and you can’t ever live up to their expectations. Omar, Willie, and The Jacket fancy you as a relief pitcher; while you want to start. We both know deep down this is what you want out of life.

I have to give you credit, for a few years you lived up to everyone else’s expectations of you. You seemed to really flourish in 2006 and that’s when Omar should have traded you to another club that would accept you as the starting pitcher you really are.

If you love someone, set them free (or buy low, sell high).

Omar could have let you been the man you want to be and could have brought in someone else who could have taken the Mets to the next level. But he didn’t.

Aaron, this relationship just isn’t working out for all of us. We’re done.


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