Ugly, Ugly Loss

Where to begin on today’s Mets 9-1 loss to complete the 2 game sweep for the Cubs at Wrigley?

I guess I’ll start with good ol’ Willie Randolph. He saw it necessary to start Brady Clark in LF today, with Angel Pagan in RF and Ryan Church getting a day off. There was absolutely no need to get Clark a start, as he is going to be in AAA when Moises Alou returns from the DL this weekend.

If he wanted to give Church a day off, it should have been yesterday since the Mets arrived in Chicago at 4 AM and he has been hitting lefties (today’s Cubs starter Ted Lilly is a lefty) particularly well. But stats, facts, and common sense mean nothing to Willie.

Carlos Delgado. With 2 outs in the 4th, a ball was hit to Damian Easley (playing 2B) and Delgado had a brain fart. Delegado failed to get back to 1st, Figueroa didn’t get to the bag in time and the inning was prolonged. Next batter drove in 2 runs, making the score 3-0 Cubs.

Delgado got a single today as part of a 1-for-4, 2 strikeout day that kept him above the Mendoza line…so I guess that is the silver lining in his storm cloud of a season. Though the fact remains, he can’t hit, can’t field, and shouldn’t be batting 5th.

Earlier in that 4th inning, Angel Pagan misplayed a ball in RF but wasn’t given an error…also leading to a run.

Nelson Figueroa got his first loss (2-1). He was not horrible today but, he wasn’t great either. He gave up the previously mentioned 3 runs (which should have been all unearned), 7 hits, and 5 walks over 5 innings. He was able to get out of all the trouble he created for himself all day. So it was somewhat frustrating to see Willie yank him in the 5th inning after giving up a walk and only having pitched 92 pitches.

Willie has gone to the bullpen way too much this season and like he has done with Maine and Perez on several occasions already, he didn’t give Figueroa the chance to get out of the jam. In usual Randolph fashion, he used 4 pitchers out of the pen today and got outmanaged by Lou Pinella in the process. Pinella is not know for his tactical prowess,

In the 7th, Pinella sent Daryle Ward, who is hitting .077 to PH for catcher Henry Blanco, Willie responded with Pedro Feliciano. Then Pinella brings in Geovany Soto, who would have had to come in anyway to catch. Willie has Feliciano intentionally walk Soto. With the pitcher’s spot up next, Pinella had righty Matt Murton PH, so Willie yanked Feliciano. Pinella completely outsmarted Randolph.

Feliciano faced one batter on the day (and just to issue an intentional walk!!!) and has only pitched 4 innings on the season, despite being healthy and being with the team all season. Duaner Sanchez, coming off his 21 month injury rehab and Carlos Muniz, who hasn’t been with the team for almost a week have pitched more than Feliciano thus far.

Strangely, Willie uses Feliciano as a situational 1-2 batter pitcher and overuses everyone else. Never mind that Feliciano is one of the most reliable guys he’s got. But I digress…

The only bright spot on the day would be Carlos Beltran’s fielding, most notably chasing down Derek Lee’s shot to deep CF. But he’s still not hitting. He went 0-for-2 today and is down to .215.

I’m not going to get too deep into the crap that transpired in the 8th or the unbelievable info that Gary Cohen divulged during the SNY broadcast about Willie Randolph ignoring the rule book because he was basically afraid.  I already wrote about it all in this earlier post.

So I’ll just wrap it up with this: this is STILL a immensely flawed team completely lacking in leadership. The 5 game win streak is a distant memory.


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  1. Corey, I love your blog. I’m going to link yours up with mine, and would love it if you checked out mine as well:, and link up if you’d like!

    I find I’m in agreement with pretty much everything you say, and today’s stuff is no exception.

    Keep up the good work, I love it!

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