Clueless Willie

Willie Randolph hasn’t got a clue. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news to anyone who is an educated Mets fan. But I could not believe it what I read the this morning in Bart Hubbuch’s New York Post’s Met Notes

Heilman has appeared in five of the Mets New York Mets ‘ past seven games, and his effectiveness with that kind of workload was questioned after he gave up four runs – albeit unearned – in just 2/3 of an inning in Monday’s 7-1 loss to the Cubs.

“He’s just going to have to make pitches,” Randolph said. “That’s the life of a set-up guy. I’m going to use him like I’ve been using him. He’s healthy, and I’m not ready to reduce his role a month into the season.”

Randolph was unaware that Heilman led the NL in use among relievers, but said that wouldn’t change his plans.

“He’s fine,” Randolph said. “He’s strong. It’s early. That [workload] will even out later on. I’m not concerned about it.”

Coming off a 2007 campaign where he absolutely ran the bullpen in to the ground, I find it unfathomable that Willie doesn’t know the extent to which he is using his pitchers. Furthermore, he thinks it will somehow all work itself out in the end.

The only way the overuse of the bullpen will change is if someone else in charge. This isn’t magic, it is common sense. Pulling starting pitchers solely because they are in the vicinity of 100 pitches will result in overuse of the bullpen.

Going crazy with lefty/right situational match ups will result in overuse. Strangely, Willie completely ignored this facet of the game in the past. He wouldn’t care that Scott Schoeneweis couldn’t get out righties and has now done a complete 180 and is sticking to “the book” too much. More of Willie being Willie.

The more I hear Willie speak, the more I come to realize he hasn’t got a clue about managing. Omar Minaya has put together an extremely flawed team but it is still a better team than the sub .500 results that we have seen since June 1, 2007. A change needs to be made.


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  1. you had to listen to willie to realize he doesn’t have a clue? It amazes me how much we’ve left him off the hook, collectively, for so long. Basically for the first year, we let him off the hook b/c it was his first year. The second year, still learning but had a good team to hide his managerial flaws. Last year, let’s not even go there – this year? More of the same. I agree – the team is flawed but MUCH better than the substandard way they have been playing. I think two reasons they have not been exposed – one is that the NL East as a whole is flawed and that hides a lot of their issues. The other is that I think the general attitude was – oh well, we’ll get ’em next year I guess, after the monumental collapse. Enough. Jerry Manuel is not the answer either. I say either promote Ken Oberkfell or bring in Wally. They are b@lls to the wall. We need something drastic here. I am not letting OMar totally off the hoook – I am an OM apologist, as you well know. But shame on him for not addressing these flaws more timely. Then again, how could he have? As much of a pipe dream as releasing Delgado is, that’s not gonna happen. The Mets have eaten way too much money. I would see them either promoting Carp first or even having Church take his digs at 1B.

  2. Hey Corey,

    Just found the blog. Very nice. Smart, well-written, plus, as a bonus, you and I agree about the ineptitude of a certain manager.

    I watched all year last season muttering to myself that Willie was overusing/misusing/exhausting his bullpen. Did you know that Joe Smith, he of one year of professional ball – and almost all of that in short-season, A-ball Brooklyn – appeared in 29 of the Mets first 58 games last season? How does anyone do that to a kid? It’s insane. It’s no wonder that both his arm and his brain were fried by June. His ERA to that point (game 58) was 1.35. His ERA after that point was something over 9.00. And by the second half, he was a walking cadaver wandering the minors trying to figure out a way to get somebody out.

    The weird thing is that the bullpen wasn’t all that bad last year. Certainly not “historic collapse, can’t hold a lead for a month” bad. They were just totally and completely fried by September.

    I’m wondering how badly this team will have to be playing in order to get Willie canned before the all-star break?

  3. Coop,

    The reason why I said “The more I hear Willie speak, the more I come to realize he hasn’t got a clue about managing.” is that alot of my disagreements with his decisions can be somewhat subjective. But when you hear him say that he doesn’t know that his relievers are the most used in the league, there is a serious problem that is not subjective at all.

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