Can Santana Play First Base?

Seriously. Can he?

Johan Santana is getting paid the megabucks to be the Mets ace & stopper, and he did just that in the Mets 7-2 victory over the Nationals at their brand new “Your Corporate Name Goes Here” Park. Santana wasn’t exactly dominant on the mound, but he wasn’t too shabby either. He scattered 7 hits and 2 runs over 7 innings, while striking out 4.

At the plate, Santana was raking. He had two doubles on the night, one one which could have probably been legged out for a triple if Santana were a position player not a pitcher.

Santana’s ability at the plate and his prowess with his glove make you wonder if he can spend some time playing first base. I mean after all, he just sits around and does nothing for 4 games in a row…kinda like current first baseman Carlos Delgado…except that Delgado is actually playing in these games…and not hitting…or fielding.

Delgado was dropped to sixth in the batting order and responded with a 1-for-5 night and left 3 more runners on base. At this rate, Delgado will be batting 9th by Memorial Day. So why can’t Santana play first and bat 5th or 6th?

Pitchers need some rest in between starts, I get it.

But why can’t Santana at least play first on two of his four off days? He’s young enough and getting paid too much money to just play every fifth day. The Wilpons need to get some more money out of their investment. Santana needs to play first base.


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