UPDATED: Schnieder Likely To Go To DL, Minaya Asleep At The Wheel

Brian Schneider has been sent to New York to have his infected left thumb examined by team doctors. Schneider had just last night after missing three games with a bruised right forearm.

With a medical/training staff on hand, it boggles my mind how a professional ball player can end up having an infected thumb.  First all those Mets getting hamstring problems, now this?

What is wrong with the Mets training staff?

Gustavo Molina is already in Washington but isn’t yet on the roster, presumably pending the results of Schneider’s exam. and has been added to the roster, Brady Clark has been DFA’d.

Meanwhile, Mike DiFelice was DFA’d by Tampa Bay on Tuesday and should have been picked up by Omar Minaya. DiFelice cleared waivers and today accepted a spot on Tampa Bay’s AAA Durham team.

Surely this Schneider situation was going on since last night and Minaya had absolutely nothing to lose in bringing DiFelice back.

The more I see Raul Casanova play, I’m not quite sure why DiFelice wasn’t given a shot to stick around with the Mets organization this season. Obviously DiFelice is not the most talented guy in the world but he calls a better game and swings a slightly better bat than Casanova and he’s definitely a spirited guy to have on the bench and in the clubhouse.

Its situations like this that cause people to think that Omar Minaya favors Latino ball players.


3 Responses

  1. I doubt that the success of this season comes down to a Molina vs. Casanova vs. Defelice argument. None of these guys will be on the roster once Schneider and Shrek come back, whenever that may be. Plus, they still have the inside track on talking Sandy Alomar Jr. out of retirement. Then there’s this other former Mets catcher available who used to be pretty good and is still unemployed. Calls a good game but can’t throw for beans. Goes by the initials MP. You know of whom I speak.

  2. You’re right, this isn’t season deciding but it is now a fairly big issue and I’d rather have had DiFelice around in Shrek’s absence and Casanova should be the guy being called up.

    Pelfrey had a much better game pitching to Schneider than he did Casanova, this is somewhat of a big deal.

    Plus I wonder how one gets an infected thumb in the presence of a medical/training staff.

  3. If they’re worried about the way Casanova calls a game with Big Pelf pitching, they can always call the game from the dugout. What bothers me is that once again, they are playing short-handed. It seems like so far this year, with Schneider, Reyes and Castillo having day-to-day injuries early on, playing shorthanded is more the norm than the anamoly.

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