BREAKING NEWS: Citi Resells Naming Rights To Mets 2009 Stadium

Acting on a tip from from noted MetsBlog & commenter “DykStraw”, Metsie has obtained WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE information and the first artist rendering of what comes as complete shock to the sports marketing world.

Citing subprime mortgage woes and in the face of layoffs issued to over 9,000 of its employees, Citi has resold its naming rights to the new stadium that the New York Mets are currently constructing next door to Shea Stadium.

Denny’s, THE HOME OF THE GRAND SLAM, has purchased the naming rights from Citi for an undisclosed amount and henceforth the stadium that the Mets will begin play in during the 2009 season will be known as “Denny’s Field”.

Metsie was able to get the following exclusive quote on the transaction from Denny’s SVP of Marketing, Sidd Finch:

“It is unfortunate for Citi that their financial woes have necessitated this move. But for Denny’s it was a no brainer. After all, Denny’s is known as the home of the Grand Slam and the New York Mets pitching staff is also known for serving up Grand Slams. The marketing synergies here are unlimited.”

Again, Metsie would like to thank “”Dykstraw” for the initial tip regarding this story.


5 Responses

  1. sidd finch wore #21 by the way

  2. that’s funny stuff!

  3. I’m still giggling over the WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE information – i love it! I wonder if I can get the rooty tooty breakfast there…oh wait, that’s IHOP. Leave it to the Mets to get second rate breakfasts to support their stadium

  4. […] to Metsie, Citi Field will soon be renamed Denny’s Field, “Home of the Grand […]

  5. A great big thumbs up on this one! I mentioned on my blog this morning in the Last Night’s Score Section that with the amount of grand salamis the relievers are giving up, ain’t nobody here playing hiding the salami!

    I’m going to link your great piece to my blog: come and check it out:!

    And thanks for a much needed good laugh!

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