Do The Wilpons Care About More Than The Bottom Line?

There is something inherently wrong with the way the Mets are run; from top to bottom, from front office to on the field. Things need to change.

Fred & Jeff Wilpon cannot possibly be happy about the state of affairs of this team, unless all they care about is the bottom line. recently determined that the Mets are now the 2nd most valuable franchise in baseball.

If the Wilpons truly care at all about more than just the money, they need to change the atmosphere around this team.

Just look at the events occuring yesterday, April 24.

In the late afternoon, we found out that Brian Schneider was sent back to New York because he had AN INFECTION IN HIS THUMB. The Mets employ a medical and training staff, who should all be the best at what they do.

So it boggles my mind how Schneider could possibly get an infection and it got so bad that he had to spend the night in the hospital. I understand that this infection didn’t result from a cut that got out of hand and its a mystery right now how it happened but shouldn’t the medical staff have taken then necessary steps to prevent a hospital stay?

Beyond this incident, the Mets have an abnormal amount of players with hamstring problems. Shouldn’t the strength and conditioning program that the Mets employ prevent the majority of these from occuring?

Then the game began and the real problems came to light.

You have a highly paid first baseman, Carlos Delgado, who is becoming more and more of a shell of his former self everyday right before our eyes. He had a sub-par 2007 at the plate and there isn’t a Mets fan right now that would love for him to match that performance at this point. The results we are seeing are much worse and he’s taking his batting problems with him to the field.

Jose Reyes, outside of those few games last week is not living up to expectations and is playing like he did for the majority of 2007. Except now, he is not only hitting but he’s also bringing his batting issues to the field as well.

Carlos Beltran’s saving grace has been his stellar fielding, tracking down seemingly every uncatchable ball driven to CF. At the plate, he has been pretty damn bad.

Then there’s the manager. Willie Randolph‘s alleged strength is his relationship with his players. Well thats clearly not working. The last 4 months of 2007, the Mets played below .500 baseball. They suffered the worst regular season collapse of all time in September 2007. That doesn’t exactly speak to Randolph’s leadership.

Worse off, the guy turns his nose up at stats and facts and openly talks about going with his gut. This is unbelievably foolish.

In 2008, they were supposed to have turned the page. Except its more of the same!

The truth is that Willie is not a good guy with the players, unless you are a veteran…then he L-O-V-E-S you unconditionally. But he has thrown Ollie under the bus on numerous occasions and has a short leash with him.

I am not saying Perez didn’t deserve to be yanked last night but when you are getting the sort of results that you are getting from Heilman & Sosa, whats the difference?

Perez infuriates me to no end. But Willie must leave him in to get out of his own jams. How else will he learn? How else will he grow as a pitcher?

Why is this bullpen so completely and totally overrused at this point? Did Willie learn nothing from last year?

And where is the “genius” Rick Petereson through all of this?

Lets not forget about the guy who hired Willie and brought Willie back to be his scape goat, Omar Minaya. WHy does he get a pass when we assess this mess of a team? All he has done is trade away young for old and spend lots of Wilpon money to bring in Free Agents.

I give Omar full credit for the L-MIllz for Church & Schneider trade, but I can’t remember another Minaya deal that has worked in the Mets favor. (Perez & Maine were throw ins in their respective deals and Perez was supposed to be sent to San Diego in a deal that fell apart on the same day he was acquired)

Did Omar not consider the possibility that he might need a backup 1B this year? I love Marlon Anderson but he is not a legit option there.

It seemed like not such a big deal at the time he was let go but Mike DiFelice should still be with the organization. He calls a good game, seemed to be well liked, and unlike Casanova, he runs hard when he hits the ball.

DiFelice was available yesterday as Schneider was being sent back to NY. Tampa Bay DFA’d DiFelece and he ended up going to their AAA club. Why didn’t Omar bring him back? The catching situation is shaky right now.

For nearly a year, we have seen the Mets play lethargic, below .500 ball and remarkably no one from 2007 was held accountable. The team continues to sputter along and sooner or later Omar will make Willie the scapegoat for this mess.

The sooner this happens, the better. If the team still doesn’t turn it around, then Omar needs to go too. With CitiField and SNY, the Wilpons have too much to lose for this team to continue this sort of play that is angering a good portion of its fan base.

If the Mets have a bad weekend against the Braves, the boos will be defening at Shea. Is that what the Wilpons want?

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  1. I agree (with the exception of a few statements) with mostly everything about the Wilflops. They spend money so we can’t call them “cheap” but they do care about the profits more than the results. When Johan was traded, all i saw were $$, literally, for all the money they would make on the jerseys, the pictures, the likenesses, endorsements, etc. Believe me, if there wasn’t a dime to be made from the Johan signing, they would not have done it. Now my only bone of contention here is that, while I don’t think Omar is teflon-esque, if you give him flak for deals that have not gone in Mets favor, you have to give him credit for the “throw ins” you categorize Maine and Oh pea as. I know, you are certainly entitled to your opinion (and gad, you are opinionated – but so am i, so we get along fine 😀 ), but people so quick to call them throw-ins neglect to give him any credit that maybe, just maybe he did know what he was doing. Pitching is a premium, he got two young guys dirt cheap and with high upside. If he did try to trade Pea, guess what, it didn’t work (won’t matter much anyway b/c Pea wants to go back west anyway) and we got him. So people like you (sorry to single you out, but you did mention it here and I know others who think like that anyway) have to get over that. pea is ours, omar had a coup, and he deserves credit for him and Maine.

    But everything else, A+ analysis.

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