Domo Arrigato Carlos Delgado

As I am sure you have heard by now, Carlos Delgado didn’t come out for a curtain call after he hit the 2nd of his 2 HR’s in yesterday’s 6-3 win over the Braves at Shea.

At first, I thought he was definitely not coming out to spite the fans at Shea who have been booing him unmercifully the last few weeks due to his declining play. Gary Cohen on SNY also seemed to think so.

But it appears that Delgado had other, more sincere motives at play. Delgado said after the game:

“The way I look at it, I hit a solo home run in the seventh inning. I got a great deal of respect for the game and I don’t think that’s the place for a curtain call. We appreciate the support of the fans, but we’re here to play the game. They pay me to go out and hit the ball and drive in runs, and I didn’t think it was the right situation.”

Then he smiled and said “Having said that, I’m not going to lie. I feel good. It’s a lot better than the boos.”

He also went on to say that the only times he took curtain calls was the time he hit 4 HRs in a game and when he hit his 400th HR. Also, there is no denying that the solo HR put the Mets up 6-3 so we have to take Delgado on his word. Some players may have taken the curtain call in that situation but Delgado didn’t and we cannot fault him for it.

Even if Delgado’s post-game quotes were lies meant to cover up other intentions, I can’t blame him for that either. If the fans have a right to boo (even though I disagree with the sentiment, I think they are allowed to boo), then he has a right to refuse when they are requesting a curtain call.

Unfortunately I am sure the media, especially WFAN & ESPN Radio will harp on this for a few days and turn a non-story into something that will keep their shows buzzing.

I think the biggest controversy on Sunday were the horrible whistle happy refs who denied the Rangers the game tying goal and put the Rangers down 2-0 in their series against Diving Sidney Crosby and the Pens. But that’s a story for another blog.

As for the rest of the game, I gotta give my fellow Brooklynite, Nelson Figueroa, props for another solid performance. Figgy went 5 1/3 innings and got the W (2-1) as he gave up 3 runs and 7 hits, not Earth shattering but pretty a pretty good showing from a #5 guy who was out of the majors.

During the SNY broadcast, they posted a graphic that Figueroa’s opponents are hitting .094 the first time through the lineup. Since he has several starts under his belt, you can’t chalk this up to Figgy being a mystery to the league. Teams facing him should have enough tape on him right now to know what to expect when facing him. Should Figgy be bumped from the rotation, the opponent’s low BA probably means Figgy will be an effective relief pitcher.

More props go to:

Raul Cassanova who went 3-4 with a HR (a nice shot to right center) & a RBI.

Jose Reyes who manufactured a run after a double in the first. He was looked back to 2nd base following a grounder hit the third but then took off for third on the throw to first and made it safely. He later scored on a wild pitch.

Ryan Church made a great catch on the warning track. Church & Carlos Beltran both were tracking the ball but Beltran saw it was Church’s ball and ducked/slide on the dirt. Church hopped over him as he made the catch.


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