The Honeymoon Is Over!

It appears that Omar & Willie are on a short leash with the Wilpons this season, with CitiField literally looming large in the background.

Bob Klapisch wrote in yesterday’s Bergan Record:

One person familiar with Fred and Jeff Wilpon’s philosophy says “the honeymoon is over” for both the manager and general manager. That means the Mets have to do more than simply remain competitive with a mediocre field in the National League. With a $140 million payroll, the Mets should be good enough to run away from the rest of the East; that’s the consensus from the franchise’s highest echelons.

While I will welcome change ASAP, the time to make some changes was this past off season. No one from 2007 was held responsible, except for Rickey Henderson.

But I am glad to see that the Wilpons are paying attention to what is transpiring on the field and in the clubhouse.


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