“It’s Only One Game”

“It’s only one game.”

Willie Randolph actually just said this in his press conference following the 13-1 path-MET-ic loss at Shea that I just got home from.

Not since George W. Bush was standing on that aircraft carrier with the “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging behind him have more ridiculous words been spoken.

This team has had WAY too many of these games over the last 2 seasons. You can’t just say this was “one of those days” when it was symptomatic of their play for this long of a period.

Willie is not a leader and does not clearly have the respect of a good deal of his players. Omar has created an atmosphere where these players don’t have to answer to Willie. Worse off, Omar has put together a team lacking of fire, leadership, and capable backups.

…and since no one else is asking this…

Where is the alleged “Genius” Rick Peterson through all of Ollie Perez’s meltdowns, John Maine’s regression, Aaron Heilman’s overall suckiness (except for the no-pressure 9th today, when Aaron was PERFECT), and Willie’s bullpen abuse???

Thankfully/Hopefully, the Wilpons are taking notice and changes will be made.

Oh and good luck to Scott Boras, you have to try to con some team into signing Ollie Perez to a big fat contract. I pray it won’t be the Mets.

Maybe I’ll have more to say about this game today once I wash the vomit taste out of my mouth. Right now, I wish it were 1995 when I knew the Mets would suck and accepted it for what it was.


One Response

  1. This is a pivotal trip coming up, no matter what the calendar says. If they put up a fight and have a successful road trip, there’s still hope for the season. If they lay down and die and go 2-4 or worse, then there’s no excuse for Minaya to not pull the trigger on firing Randolph while there’s still enough season left for a new manager to pull things back together.

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