Mets Win In 11, Meh.

Not much to write about the Mets 5-4 win over the Bucs in 11 innings.

Starter Johan Santana had another so-so April start that has become a career long trademark of his. He went 5.2, threw alot of pitches, gave up 2 solo HRs that were also the only 2 hits he gave up, and he left the game with the bases loaded and a no decision.

Carlos Delgado got a nice ovation from the fans during his first AB…then he got booed for the rest of the night. HE went 0-5, bringing his avg. down to .194 and only .152 with runners on base. Not good.

Ryan Church hit a 2 run HR to tie the game in the 4th and almost made a nice catch at the RF foul territory railing. He also got completely jobbed by the home plate umpire in the 5th. Church was caught looking with the bases loaded and two outs on a pitch that was clearly way off the plate.

In what has now become a signature of the team, the Mets left a ton of runners in scoring position. It shouldn’t have mattered that Duaner Sanchez had his first bad outing this season in which the Mets lead was cut to 4-3 or that Jose Reyes’ (who was also on base six times going 3-for-3 with 3 BB) error in the 9th left the door open for Billy Wagner’s first (unearned) run and blown save of the season.

Mercifully, the game ended in the 11th on a David Wright hit that landed in the far RF corner.

What else? Oh yeah. Willie Randolph brought Aaron Heilman into a key situation in the 7th and went 1/3 of an inning while giving up a hit and a walk. Can Willie give him a break already?


2 Responses

  1. Didn’t see the game last night, but Willie apparently hit for Feliciano with two out and no one on after he had pitched to exactly one batter, which is what brought us to Heilman. Do you think that it’s that kind of bullpen management that leaves the entire pen fried down the stretch?

    Today we’re getting killed. There is no such thing as momentum with this team. Every win brings only relief, rather than joy or confidence. They are, as a team, an emotional basket case.

    New leadership, please.

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