Mike & The Mad Dog Clueless About Blogging Too

I just tuned into Fatso & Fruit Loops and caught the tail end of a caller who was talking about the crap that Deadspin’s Will Leitch had to endure the other night on Costas Now.

Not surprising at all to hear that F & FL don’t get blogging, since they barely understand the interwebs. All I heard Francessa say was that bloggers are all vulgar and Russo actually said that bloggers “have no credibility.”

Really? This coming from a guy that consistently mispronounces athlete’s names and flip flops his opinions? Did he get a Sports Talk Degree from Rollins College? Yeah, he has credibility.


2 Responses

  1. Fatso and Fruit Loops? I love that.

  2. Actually, Coop, Don Imus used to call them Fatso and Fruit Loops, and I always thought it was funny, as well. Then, of course, The Don became good friends with Mike Francesa, and that was the end of at least the “Fatso” part. He did say, however, on many occasions (The Don, that is) that he was decidedly unfond of Chris Russo, and that Mike was “a gentleman,” but Russo was… well… Fruit Loops. LOL

    I miss The Don on WFAN.

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