Wagner For Player/Manager

Billy Wagner should be installed as the Mets manager while keeping his role as closer. He has the time to manage since he doesn’t have to do anything during the game until at least the 8th inning and he sounds like he can be the sparkplug and motivator that the team needs.

Wagner did his weekly segment on 1050 ESPN’s Michael Kay Show yesterday and he did not back down on his post game comments following Ollie’s Follies on Wednesday.

Wagner said that Oliver Perez needs to hold himself accountable for Wednesday’s outing. “You have to be able to look at yourself and say, ‘Is that the best I can do?”‘ he said.

Wagner said several pitchers approached Perez before Wednesday’s game and told him they needed length. (That’s what SHE said.)

Wagner said Perez just gave up. “If he goes out there and battles and comes up short, you know what, we’re not going to have a problem with that,” he said. “But you have to battle. You have to go out there and find a way.”

Wagner concluded by saying that he wasn’t saying all this just to rip on Perez but rather to make him tougher. “I’m not saying it because I don’t like him,” he said. “I’m saying it because I expect to be better.

Wagner expected Willie Randolph to have a private meeting with him before yesterday’s charter flight to Arizona and Wagner said he would tell Randolph the same things in private that he has said to the media. “I want to win and I know everyone in that clubhouse wants to win,” Wagner said, “but sometimes you’ve got to say something. You might have to stir the pot.”

Hopefully Randolph will take those words to heart and finally learn how to be a leader. If not, Wagner would be a good choice to replace him…and I’m not kidding about this. Wille’s quiet, stoic tactics clearly haven’t resonated with his team and Wagner would be the polar opposite.


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