Why Doesn’t The Jacket Talk To The Media?

John Delcos, Mets beat writer from The Journal News, wonders on his blog why he can’t talk to pitching coach Rick Peterson.

Willie Randolph said there’s not a gag order on pitching coach Rick Peterson talking with the media.

Nonetheless, The Jacket answers every question with instructions to ask public relations. PR guru Jay Horwitz said there is “no edict” for Peterson not to talk. However, The Jacket is the only uniformed member of the organization who demands interviewers to get permission.

My conclusion is somebody isn’t telling the truth. Either Willie resents him talking, which became an issue last year when we tried to talk to Peterson about the rotation, or Peterson has “misremembered” and is using it as an excuse not to talk.

The fact is when it comes to their pitching the Mets have more issues than five years of Time magazine and that’s Peterson’s responsibility.

When you are dealing with issues like: Heilman’s meltdowns, Pelfrey’s continued wildness, Perez’s meltdowns and inconsistency, and the quick yanking of starters/overuse of the bullpen, Peterson has some ‘splaining to do.

The situation with this team gets stranger and stranger by the day.  What kind of team are the Wilpons running?


One Response

  1. I have to agree there is something going on behind the scenes – I think Willie resents Soul Glo from getting all the credit for the rotation when the BP is sucky since last year and Willie got all the blame for the collapse. Meanwhile, is RP afraid to talk to the media since “his” pitchers are only going like 5-6 innings at a clip? Peterson is on my sh*t list for tinkering with his rotation. It’s obvious John Maine has regressed somewhat, Oh Pea is clearly not there, Pelf’s mental game is lacking and Johan is Johan, but not getting wins (though that has more to do with the offense taking a nap too). It’s like he doesn’t believe in his edict about ketchup on ice cream – which I think is a backwards way of saying “if it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

    Personally, I think the Mets need to do a COMPLETE overhaul of their coaching staff – Willie and RP included. The only guy I like is Tom Nieto but in the spirit of cleaning house, he needs to go too.

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