Joe Torre Gets It

In today’s New York Times, Billy Witz writes about Dodgers manager Joe Torre’s take on the Mets situation. Having gone through 11 whirlwind seasons in the Bronx, Torre has a much better perspective on things than Willie Randolph.

Every time the Mets play the way they did in their home opener, when they blew a lead to the Phillies, or the way they did in their last home game, when they absorbed a 13-1 loss against Pittsburgh, they have been reminded of last season by the fans.

“That’s going to be in people’s memory until you change it,” Torre said. “There’s really nothing you can say that’s going to change what happened. It’s just a matter of making that a distant memory and give them something to enjoy.

“You can move away from it, but the one thing you have to do, more than anything — and it goes for anybody and anything — you deal with it and move on. Knowing Willie, that’s his philosophy.”

Torre is no managerial genius but he understands what the fans are thinking. The bad taste of last year lingers since there has been little for the Mets to hang their hats on this season.

But I have to disagree with Torre one one thing, from all appearances, Willie hasn’t dealt with the problems with this team at all. If he has, whatever he has said or done clearly isn’t working. Or maybe Willie is just delusional?

“My players are out there trying to win ballgames,” Randolph said. “They’re busting their butt trying to do that.”

There is no way that Willie can convince me that this team is busting its butt, not with the way they play in most games. Too many mistakes, too many errors. That goes for the players and the coaching staff.

Its time for Willie to go.


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  1. .

    That is all.

  2. it’s more than Willie and you hit the nail on the proverbial head at the end there, Cor. It’s the coaching staff. I think this team would b e righted with a good ol’ Bobby V-style of “firing” his coaching staff (i.e. – you fire them or we fire YOU), although something tells me Willie would go down with his g uys. A win-win if you ask me. And think about that team dynamic changed after the house cleaning? Fire Willie, yes, but everyone else goes with him. Even that cutie Bullpen guy Dave Racinello. And even Tom Nieto, who I actually like but in the spirit of cleaning house, buh bye Tom.

  3. well Peterson wasn’t even Willie’s choice, he was a holdover. Anyway, Willie said basically the same thing Torre did, he was just more watered down about it, since he’s in the middle of it. You are just choosing not to see it because you don’t want to believe you could be wrong about Willie, I don’t even think you’d rather be wrong about him.

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