Marlon Anderson Is Your Team Leader

Revealing info today from John Feinstein who appeared on WFAN’s Boomer & Carton Show to promote his book”Living On The Black”, which chronicles Mike Mussina’s & Tom Glavine’s 2007 season.

Feinstein relayed a story that Glavine told him regarding the Mets September collapse. During the collapse, it was Marlon Anderson, who called a players only meeting in September to try to right the ship.

MARLON FREAKING ANDERSON! A bench player, who came to the team in July!

There is all you need to know about the Mets and why what happened last season happened…and why they play with not a care in the world this season.

To me, this falls on Omar Minaya. His job as a GM is to get the right mix of talent and personalities in the clubhouse to ensure that winning takes place…and that goes for players, coaches, and managers.

The sooner that the Wilpons realize that Minaya is nothing but a charlatan, the better off this team will be.

There was another story that Glavine told Feinstein  about how Willie took Glavine out a game where by Glavine’s own admission, he didn’t have his best stuff. Glavine had gotten out of a jam in the 4th inning and was trailing 8-6.

Willie told Glavine he was done but Glavine wanted the chance to go out there and try to salvage a W. If he got into a jam, he would have been fine with being taken out. Glavine went back to the clubhouse and threw stuff around, which was completely uncharacteristic for him.

The lasy of Feinstein’s stories has me completely astonished. Following Glavine’s 299th win last season, Willie told the media that 300 wins “was not a big deal.” Glavine and all the pitchers had a huge problem with that comment.

Willie later told Feinstein that he shouldn’t have said that and that because he’s a batter, he should have thought of it as being similar to 500 HRs.

Willie has spent his whole life in baseball. How could he not relate to 300 wins?

It just goes to show you how Willie is a very stubborn and narrow minded person. When you look at how he favors older veterans over younger players, his unwillingness to mix up his lineup when situations dictate, and his refusal to be a Yankees minor league manager, you start to see a man who is probably not cut out to be a manager in the major leagues.

Willie’s can probably make a good infield coach somewhere else but its time for a change here.

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3 Responses

  1. I said this is another comment, relating to your earlier Willie rant about how I think the Mets staff would benefit from a Bobby V-cleaning house type of thing. Meaning – get rid of everyone. And I mean everyone. As for Omar not putting together the team well, I disagree. Carlos Delgado has always been viewed as the vocal mouthpiece of the clubhouse anywhere he has been and he is on the downside of his career who has been vocal about being bored. As for leaders, remember when Bobby V ran the team and Mike Piazza was the “star.” That team did fine but he was no leader either. I agree that something needs to change but Omar has done nothing but gone out and gotten the best talent for the dollar – it’s up to the team to execute and for the manager to be able to cultivate that talent every day.

  2. Coop,

    The difference between the Bobby V/Piazza team & now is that while Piazza may not have been a leader, Bobby V certainly was. Plus you had guys like Leiter, Franco, Ventura, Zeile, and Bell.

    Now, you have no leadership in the player ranks and a poor leader in the manager.

    BTW, Omar has not gone out and gotten the best talent for the dollar. You have a starting staff that is shaky once you get past Santana. You have no backup 1B, a questionable back up middle IF in Easley, and a lineup that lacks pop. Plus no leadership.

  3. i still think they need to clean house. they can’t fire the team, so fire all the coaches. Although i would like to see them fire Carlos Delgado.

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