Willie Has Already Lost His Mind…His Job Will Be Next

In his New York Post Met Notes, Bart Hubbuch reports that Willie Randolph is complaining about the fans at Shea.

Willie Randolph doesn’t think it was an accident that the Mets looked so relaxed while taking two of three from the Diamondbacks in Arizona over the weekend.

Randolph admitted yesterday that the constant negativity from the fans at Shea Stadium so far this year – an obvious carryover from last September’s epic collapse – has turned the road into a welcome refuge.

“In our mind, we moved on,” Randolph said of last season’s historic meltdown. “Obviously, the fans are having a tough time moving past that.”

OK Willie, want to know why we haven’t “moved on”?

Well for starters, you are STILL the Mets manager. You guided the Mets to that collapse that your team has not moved on from, despite what might be in “your mind”.

Your team is playing the same blasé baseball they played last season, largely because it is mostly the same players.

You have 1 regular batting over .300, Ryan Church…and he wasn’t here last season.

Your team has made the same bonehead plays as last year and you are running the bullpen into the ground, just like last year.

Talk all you want about moving on, but NOTHING has changed. NOTHING.

Hey Willie, how was that Champagne you got to drink last October? Was it sweet?

Met players and officials were struck by how supportive and mild-mannered the fans were in Arizona, even when the hometown Diamondbacks struggled. It was a far cry from Shea in April, when even 2-1 counts on opposing hitters drew boos.

Yeah, the Arizona fans are SO supportive. They are so supportive that the D-Backs draw 20,000 less fans per game than the Mets.

While Arizona fans get to pay the 2nd lowest average ticket price of $15.96 while Mets fans have the 4th highest at $34.05.

By the way, the D-backs actually won their division in 2007 and “only” raised prices 15.7% this season. The Mets choked their division away and thought that merited a 20.5% increase.

“When we start to play well, you’ll see a change in that,” Randolph said of the fan reaction at Shea. “We don’t talk about it or concern ourselves with it. We just hope that they eventually get behind this team, because I think we’re going to make them real proud before the year is over.”

Congratulations Willie, in a roundabout way you FINALLY admitted that this team is not playing well. It took you close to a year but, you finally did it! You didn’t admit to being bad but, at least you acknowledged not playing well.

You are finally getting it. Its too late, but you are getting it.

You understand that we want want a winner, but I don’t think you realize that we would settle for a decent team that played like they gave a crap.

Most of all, we would like to be treated with respect.

Your constant quotes about knowing “your guys” and sipping champagne while it is obvious your team is playing like crap and has no chemistry is insulting to our intelligence.

Plus, what I don’t get is that if you aren’t concerned with the booing, then why are you talking about it?

Too bad for you that it took you this long to finally start to get it, but it is too late….and you just threw down the gauntlet.

You are now taking the fans on? Most of us currently don’t like you and you are taking us on?

Willie Larry Randolph, its on. Its SO freakin’ on.

You don’t know what you just brought upon yourself. The boos and the “Fire Willie” chants will now grow exponentially. I have been against booing guys during introductions or when they are brought into a game and that hasn’t changed.

But you just put a big ol’ target on your back.

The Post surprisingly did not put this story on the back page, as they love a good controversy to sell papers. But I guarantee you this story will grow into a very big deal on WFAN & ESPN radio today.

You just tightened the noose around your neck and threw gasoline on to the booing “fire”.

Good luck with that.


10 Responses

  1. Excellent, Corey… most excellent. I’ve featured this piece on my blog http://www.goodbaduglymets.blogspot.com; hope you don’t mind the free plug! 🙂

  2. But Corey – we should CHEER the team. Just everytime Willie comes out to the mound or whatever, we need to boo HIM. Yankee bum. Ask my dad about him. He hates Willie. Always has. Kinda like a Bryan Trottier kinda hatet (I know you’ll get that, being a ranger fan)

  3. I absolutely agree, cheer the team (excet when they clearly do something stupid)

    But as for Willie, it is now fair game

  4. And remember, they don’t call it the “Bronx cheer” for nuttin’… lol.

    Mutts, they’re all mutts.

    What Willie just said makes Carlos Delgado’s recent failure to go out for a curtain call almost a heroic gesture.

    Fucking assholes, every last one of ’em. They have some fucking nerve being pissed at THE FANS, who, as Corey so rightly pointed out, are still coming out in droves, have supported this team year in and year out, buy tons of Mets gear, spend tons of their hard earned money and invest even more of their time in a team which seems to care about them as much as they care about a fly on the wall. And maybe even less.

    I don’t know who the fuck they think they are, but they’re going to find out they ain’t what they think if they keep this up.

    Corey, you are soooo right on with this piece.

  5. OMG Deb – you ARE making it sound like a mf’ing war. I love it. LOVE IT!!! Forget the Church Ladies – we need to have the Fire Willie Department. We should go wearing our fire helmets with Willie’s face on them.

  6. Now THAT is dead on, Coop. Instead of the Willie Fire Department, the Fire Willie Department. I love it!

    And as far as I’m concerned, it is a war — between me and whomever wants to join me, and Willie, and this asshole team which I said earlier this year I hated, and now I know why.

    You wanna know what makes me really mad? I love the Mets, I have since 1970, and this team is making a mockery of my beloved Mets franchise. They have some fucking nerve, the pissants that they are.

    Let’s take ’em on, boys and girls!

  7. You guys are idiots…

    ROOT ROOT ROOT for the home team…. if they dont win its a shame. put down your double latte’s, spit out your paneras bread baggett and for a second, pull over the SUV and see why idiots living in the city make the rest of us “new yorkers” look like trash to the rest of the country.

    you are going to get all hyped up over what some reporter wrote??? F them.. not one of em ever played the game.. but they know all about it.

    GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM win or lose.. its the greatest game on the planet and we have a team to root for

  8. Willie said it… get your head out of your ass, Joel.

    WILLIE SAID IT, and so far, I haven’t seen him issue a denial.

  9. Joel,

    Most of what appears above are direct quotes from Willie. I am not sure what you are referring to.

  10. Please, I don’t even know where to start.

    Mostly the same players? Church, Schneider, Santana, Pagan(who has played more than Alou)..Castillo wasn’t there for most of it. Sanchez. Even if you don’t count Castillo or Pagan, that’s still a third of the nine players that took the field on opening day. And you weren’t going to ditch Beltran, Wright, or Reyes, so they really swapped out half of ’em.

    The champagne comment was great. What did you even want him to say? “No, i don’t think these guys can do it?” What he was saying is that he had faith in them, and that fighting back from the adversity and struggles would be a good experience for them.

    The team does give a crap, you’re just not paying attention. I certainly see it.
    So he said they’re more relaxed on the road because fans are bitter and ruthless. big deal. It’s the truth isn’t it? Why is he talking about it? because he was asked. He’s exactly right that we’re upset, and he’s exactly right to not think about last year either. Those games don’t count in the standings anymore.

    Of course the Mets draw more fans. Even if you take a 50/50 split, just the city has more people in it than the entire state of Arizona. Never mind Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticuit. That really has nothing to do with how ‘supportive’ a fanbase is. (our average salary is higher too)

    Why do people insist that starters need to go longer AND that the bullpen is being overworked? Does that make any sense? Either way, Willie hasn’t been overworked the bullpen for the hell of it, it’s because they continually fail. you can only work with what you have, and if you bring a guy in and he sucks and you have to go get him, is that Willies fault? You can say ‘do not use Sosa’ but that just means that many more innings for the others guys, which would theoretically overwork them.

    who knows, Maybe firing Willie for the sake of firing him would motivate the clubhouse, but I doubt it. I certainly don’t see any compelling baseball reason to get rid of him mid-season, and I’m certainly not going to boo him(or anyone pre-failure) yet.

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