Willie Going With the Bench Today

Jeremy Cothran reports in today’s Newark Star Ledger, in typical “Willie Being Willie” fashion, Randolph will go with the bench in today’s day game after night game.

Willie Randolph said he would look to rest a few of his regulars with the Mets playing a matinee today.

It likely means Brian Schneider, who returned to regular catching duty last Sunday, and Moises Alou will sit. The Mets need Schneider healthy before they can make a decision whether or not to activate Ramon Castro (strained hamstring), who is showing improvement in his rehab stint with the Class-A St. Lucie Mets. Last night he went 1-for-3.

I agree with resting Schneider, he is coming off all those injuries and the Mets need him long term. But if Carlos Beltran is going to be out again with his “flu like” symptoms, then Moises Alou MUST play today.

I would also expect Luis Castillo to sit today, even though it wasn’t mentioned. So, we will probably get another patented Willie Randolph Get Away Day/Give Away Game Extravaganza.

With the way the Mets have been swinging their bats, you cannot go into this game starting any three of the following four players: Pagan, Chavez, Easley, Anderson.

I wonder if Willie even realizes that the Mets will have about 48 hours off between the end of today’s game and their game at Shea on Friday. (I now have to question everything of a man who doesn’t know what 300 wins means to a pitcher.)

UPDATE: Lineup has been posted.  Castillo & Beltran are in, Delgado & Alou aren’t.  I wonder if Willie knows Alou is batting .417 vs Penny for his career?  Probably not.

SS Jose Reyes
2B Luis Castillo
3B David Wright
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Ryan Church
LF Angel Pagan
1B Marlon Anderson
C Raul Casanova
RH John Maine


2 Responses

  1. Thats a good point and thanks for bringing up, bro. Esp the part of the give-away/get-away game. How many of those did we see last year, seriously, when Mets could have won any of those with half a killer instinct and make the playoffs. This team makes me sick, sick. it’s almost like they’re afraid to win or take series.

  2. He might as well throw the bench in that lineup… it’d probably have a better chance of getting a timely hit than most of the guys he’s got in there…lol.

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