Who Are You…And What Have You Done With My Mets?

Mets win 12-1. John Maine pitches into the 9th.

DId Willie finally get the Mets to hire Brian McNamee?

I am not sure what the explanation was for the all around great performances that the Mets got on Wednesday but it felt good to watch the Mets be successful, if only for one day.

Even though Willie through out his typical getaway day c-squad, they all came through big time.

Angel Pagan was 1-2 with a SB & and RBI. But it was his remarkable diving catch in to the front row on the LF line that was the day’s top highlight of the many Mets highlights.

Pagan laid in the front row in a crumpled mess but soon got up and was well enough to continue in the game and laugh at the replay on Diamond Vision. Pagan left the game two innings later with a little stiffness in his shoulder and is scheduled for an MRI today in New York.

Marlon Anderson (2-for 5, 1 RBI) playing 1B and catcher Raul Casanova (2-for5, 2 RBI) both added to the onslaught.

Even John Maine got in on the fun, delivering a 2 run single in the 5th that made the score 6-0.

“I’ve got a batting average,” Maine joked, “and Pelfrey doesn’t.”

Ryan Church continued his stellar batting going 3-for-4 with a HR, raising his avg to .328. Plus David Wright finally got a hit, a 2 run double.

Even though the Mets had a 3-3 west coast trip, there is much more work to be done. All in all it was a very good day, but it was only 1 day. All the win on Wednesday did was prevent the Mets from becoming a .500 club.

The Mets begin a 7 game homestand on Friday against the Reds and Nats, anything less than a 5-2 record in those 7 games will not be enough in my book.


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  1. I agree 110% on that sentiment. They need to start kicking butt, taking names, eat some steaks and drink some beers. Just sayin’. I thought if they lost two games on this road trip that they should get a heroes welcome when they return. But F’em, they shoulda done better. No more excuses. It’s time to start kicking butt.

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