Smith To Be Sent Down, Mets Lose: Commitment To Mediocrity

The Oakland Raiders have signs hanging up around the sidelines that read “Commitment To Excellence.” At one time, before Al Davis seemingly lost his mind, those signs meant something. The Raiders played a dominant brand of football and won 3 of the first 18 Super Bowls. Even if they didn’t win it all, they were usually competitive and Al Davis did what was necessary to have a winning team.

I think it is about time that the Mets hang up signs at Shea that read “Commitment To Mediocrity”, because thats how this team conducts itself. From the front office to the clubhouse to the manager’s office, mediocrity runs rampant through the DNA of this team.

…and I am TIRED of it.

Its a long season, I know. But I am as fed up with the Mets as humanly possible.

I am TIRED of the up-and-down nature of this ball club. They look good one day and horrible the next. They can’t sustain anything more than a short winning streak over the last two seasons. They have little pride or drive and no leadership. Its hard to get motivated when the manager is constantly talking about turning the page and how there is still plenty of time to turn things around.

Yesterday, I wrote about them being the Flushing Cyclones and last night was no different. Nelson Figueroa’s Cinderella Coach is fast turning into a pumpkin as he wasn’t all that good for his third straight outing as the Mets lost 10-4.

The only real highlights of this game were the absolutely bomb of a HR that Damion Easley hit and the continued improvement of Carlos Beltran (2-for-5, RBI), Jose Reyes (2-for-4). and Moises Alou (3-for-5, 2 2B).

Jorge Sosa was absolutely putrid yet again, giving up 4 runs in 1 inning…

…and Omar Minaya, the Teflon GM, is keeping Sosa on the team instead of Joe Smith. Adam Rubin is reporting this sickening news on his Daily News blog today.

Keeping Sosa around when Matt Wise returns sends a message to Joe Smith and every other young player in this organization:

We don’t care about you or your development. The amount of money you make and the amount of years you have played in the past are way more important than your performance (and the team’s) on the field.

In short, the Mets value has beens & never were’s over “might be’s.

The Mets are keeping Sosa around solely because the Mets are on the hook for the remainder of his $2 million deal. They would rather not put the best possible team on the major league roster. They would rather keep Sosa than lose him for nothing (despite letting valuable young players like Ruben Gotay and Jesus Flores go for nothing in recent years).

So the next logical question would be if some team out there would want Sosa and his 7+ ERA, why not work out a trade and pick up a minor leaguer or maybe a backup infielder? You know, something the Mets are lacking.

What I also don’t understand is why can’t Figueroa be DFA’d? This way they get to keep Smith and Sosa on the team. Are the Mets that worried that another team might pick Figgy up? Even if they lost Figgy, there are other guys like Tony Armas Jr & Claudio Vargas at New Orleans that can serve the same role.

All I know is Smith pitched a strike out the side inning last night and has been nearly perfect all season. Sending him down weakens this Mets team that is ridiculously mediocre.

Signing an oft injured Luis Castillo to a 4 year deal based on past performance instead of keeping young & hungry players like Gotay or Keppinger is a sign of mediocrity. Relying on oft injured older pitchers like Pedro and Duque is a sign of mediocrity. Building a new stadium that honors the history of a team that left for Los Angeles 50 years ago rather than your own team’s 40+ years of history is a sign of mediocrity.

Playing .500 ball for the past year IS MEDIOCRITY.

When will this nonsense end?


2 Responses

  1. can’t say i don’t agree with you here Corey – sending Smith down is a disaster while Sosa continues to butcher the bullpen. I mean, the Mets can certainly eat $2mm – I don’t think it’s Omar’s call though (I mean, technically it is) – we all know from experience that the Wilpons don’t like to eat their own cash. I’m sure they are like – let’s see if he can work it out before we take a bite. I know, it sucks. And especially since Sosa has sucked for almost a year now and is not getting better. But I don’t disagree with you here – it sends the wrong message to everyone.

  2. […] in favor of Smith and his options, so as not to risk losing Sosa. This sparked lots of upset and angry opinions from Mets […]

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