I’m A Maine-iac

Lots to do today, brief entry for now…

Little by little, the John Maine we expected after improving in 2007 and being lights out in spring training is coming  to the mound every fifth day for the Mets.

Maine followed up his near complete game in LA with a 6 inning, 2 hit (one of which was a Ryan Zimmerman 2 run HR) effort in the Mets 6-3 win last night.

More importantly, Maine hit the Nats’ leadoff batter, Jesus Flores, in retaliation for the the silly Monday night cheerleading.

Who would have ever though mild mannered John Maine would show that he has the biggest set (possibly outside of Billy Wagner, who closed things out on in the 9th giving up 1 hit) on the Mets?

The other big story on Tuesday was Ryan Church, who continues to play way above anyone’s expectations.  Church was 2-for-4 with a HR, 2B, and 4 RBI.

Church is now hitting .324 on the season while playing a stellar RF.  He has been carrying the Mets, who
would be in sever trouble without him.  Seemingly everyone else strands every runner in scoring position.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Carlos Delgado, who FINALLY laid a bunt down towards third when faced with the infield shift.

In praising Delgado,  Willie Randolph exposed himself as being the complete idiot of a manager I already knew he was.

“He did that on his own. I like it. He should have been doing it a long time ago, actually…It’s an ocean out there with everybody on the other side.”

Hey Willie, you do know that you are allowed to suggest or ever TELL any of your players to do something.  You are supposed to be their leader after all.

If I were Willie’s boss, I would think about firing him based on this quote.


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