Willie WANTS To Be Fired

Just got back from tonight’s game. F’n unbelievable.

Willie Randolph is unfit to be a major league manager and I am not certain but, I think he is looking to be fired.

How else could you possibly explain removing Claudio Vargas in a tie game with 1 on & 1 out in the 6th after only giving up 2 runs & 3 hits on 97 pitches?

For Aaron Heilman?

I’ll say it again, in case that didn’t sink in.

Willie put f’n Heilman in an important situation YET AGAIN.

Heilman then not only allowed his inherited runner to score, but he also got 3 earned runs of his own! A 1-1 tie fast became a 5-1 game, compliments of Willie Randolph.

If Willie isn’t looking to get fired, then he is incredibly dumb for both taking out Vargas and putting Heilman in that situation.

Either way, he should be fired immediately.

Beyond that, the Flushing Cyclones looked like crap again tonight. Up & down is their nature.

They managed only 2 hits and 1 run off of Washington starter Tim Redding and that is inexcusable.

But this loss is on Willie Randoilph, incompetent and stupid.

Oh and congrats to Teflon GM Omar Minaya. Its a good thing you left Jesus Flores (your top catching prospect at the time) unprotected, he only won two games thus far in this series for his team. I guess he wasn’t old and injury prone enough for you.

3 Responses

  1. Bringing in Heilman in that situation was indeed a bonehead move, especially with what seems like a gazillion other options available to come out of the bullpen. Besides costing the game with his decision making ineptitude, willie (I will no longer capitalize his name in protest), proved once again that he will not fight for his players.

    Now Alou was as wrong as wrong could be for showing up the ump after that called strike three, but he was right that the pitch was not a strike. How about protecting your player? How about a little fire? One day after John Maine goes balls to the wall (more like fastball to the hip) to protect his teammates, willie (protest) shows that he’s not willing to do the same. Instead he stands slumped like a flaccid member at the top of the dugout, patting Moises on the butt, saying, “It’s okay Moises, you’ll get them tomorrow.”

    I’m telling you, willie’s afraid to get thrown out of any game because he knows that whoever takes over the game will do a better job.

  2. I agree absolutely. In my haste to post quickly when I got home, I left out the part about Alou.

    Alou was wrong but Willie needed to go out there and defend his player. Strange behavior for someone who always talks about his “guys”.

  3. Agree about it all. Did you guys see that Heilman, before last night, only stranded two of eight inherited baserunners? Small sample, maybe, but it just got larger after last night, and is alarming, to say the least.

    Willie is a spineless bonehead mofo. 🙂

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