At Least The Weather Was Nice Today

Where to begin? Where to begin?

Mike Pelfrey pitched 6 no-hit innings, gave up 1 run and 3 hits over 7 2/3 innings…and LOST THE DAMN GAME 1-0!

Why? Because Willie Randolph’s New York Mets can’t hit, can’t run the bases, and can’t motivate or police themselves.

Nationals starting pitcher Jason Bergmann allowed just 3 hits and struck out 9 Mets over 7 innings. This is the same Jason Bergmann that was recently recalled from AAA and who entered the game with a 10.45 ERA.

How did the Mets screw up on the base paths? Let me count the ways…

1. In the bottom of the third with two outs and Luis Castillo on 1st, David Wright hit a fly ball to the RF line that Austin Kearns dropped. Both Castillo and Wright jogged their way around the base paths and Castillo ended up on 3rd and Wright on 1st. Castillo should have scored and Wright probably should have been on 2nd.

99 times out of 100, that is the third out and the inning’s over…major leaguers take that for granted and they jog. I get that.

But this lack of trying is just typical of the Mets over the last 2 seasons.

2. Leading off the bottom of the 8th, Jose Reyes actually reached base on a single. It was a weak, weak single in between home and the mound…but it was an actual Jose Reyes hit and you must cherish it because it doesn’t happen too often these days.

Castillo was up next and I don’t know if he was acting on his own or if Randolph called this play but Castillo laid down a sacrifice bunt ON THE FIRST FREAKIN’ PITCH!

You have Reyes’ speed on at first. The smart play here is to have Reyes attempt to steal second. Why would you try to bunt Reyes over to 2nd and waste an out? So Castillo bunts on the FIRST PITCH!

So Castillo drops a bunt towards 3rd and the 3rd baseman charges the ball, the play is made at first as Reyes reaches 2nd and briefly stops there…then he takes off towards 3rd. There is a foot race between him and the SS, who catches the ball and tags out Reyes at 3rd.

There are sometimes when hustle is stupid and this is definitely one of those times.

3. In the bottom of the 9th, Carlos Beltran singled with 1 out and was the tying run. With Carlos Delgado batting, Beltran stole second and the attempted pick off throw went into CF and Beltran took third.

Delgado hit a sharp line drive right to 1B and Beltran inexplicably broke towards home. According to Randolph, he called for Beltran to run with contact. My question is why???

With 1 out, Beltran should have been playing it safe. A fly ball or a base hit would have scored him. There is no need to run with contact because an infield ground ball could have resulted in him being thrown out at home.

Yet this is what Willie called for.

This team needs a change and its needs to happen now.


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