BREAKING–Billy Wagner Blows Up At Media About His Teammates

Billy Wagner was fed up after the game today, speaking about his teammates to the media. The ever on-top-of-the-story Adam Rubin has the scoop on his Daily News Surfin’ The Mets Blog:

He looked over toward the area of Carlos Delgado’s locker and blurted: “Someone tell me why the (expletive) you’re talking to the closer. I didn’t even play. They’re over there, not being interviewed. … I got it. They’re gone. (Expletive) shocker.”

Beltran & Reyes spoke to the media today but Delgado was already gone by the time the media were let into the locker room.

Wagner will be on 1050 ESPN at 5:20, doing his weekly segment. It should be “must hear” radio.

UPDATE: Wags didn’t say too much else other than “we will take care of this tomorrow.”

More to come later, including my take on the pathetic mess this team is in.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, this really has become a circus, hasn’t it? Omar’s gonna have to fire Willie pretty soon just to take the pressure off himself.

    It’s also gotten to the point where it feeds on itself, with the heat getting hotter and everything magnified, and no one can relax, which leads to more choking, etc.

    I have a sense that if/when Willie goes, the team will go on a bit of a tear just because of the pressure release. Also, I really don’t think that Willie’s got a lot of strong support in that clubhouse right now. If they don’t react well to his firing, it’s really a sign that the personalities on the team are badly misaligned, and I would take that as a death knell for Omar.

    Good for Wags telling it like it is.

  2. Gosh was that the more pissed off version of “they speak english too?” something is amiss

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