Alou & Mets Fans Agree: Willie Is An Idiot

Mets fans weren’t the only ones wondering why Moises Alou didn’t play in Thursday’s day game after a night game, Alou himself found it to be a curious decision. Bart Hubbuch reports in today’s New YorK Post Met Notes:

Left fielder Moises Alou, given the day off despite playing just four innings due to an ejection Wednesday, was puzzled by Randolph’s decision to take his potent bat out of the lineup.

“Maybe because I got thrown out after two at-bats [Wednesday], you guys [reporters] figured I would play,” Alou said. “I thought the same way. Willie told me he wanted to rest me for the weekend. Unfortunately, it looks bad now because we lost 1-0. Tough luck for me and Willie.”

Tough luck, indeed. Willie will soon find himself out of a job.

It is pretty likely that Alou is going to DH in all 3 games this weekend against the Yankees. Alou was already going to get a good deal of rest in those games and as stated, he only half of the game the night before.

There was no reason not to play Alou on Thursday.

No reason of course, unless you “know your guys” and you have an all knowing gut like Willie Randolph.

So much for Willie being a player’s manager.


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  1. I’m speechless. My neck hurts from shaking my head in disbelief so much.

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