Mets Finally Beat Up On Last Place Team; Randolph Still A Fool

The Mets beat on up the LAST PLACE Yankees on Sunday to sweep the rain shortened Subway Series. While the 2 wins were nice, a legit playoff team is supposed win games against a LAST PLACE team.

In light of dropping 3 of 4 earlier in the week against Washington, I am not going to buy into the Mets being on the right track until they finish this 9 game road trip that they’re in the middle of. Nothing short of a split of the 4 games in Atlanta and 2 of 3 in Colorado will tell me that the Mets righted their ship.

This is still a team with flaws, had the Mets offense not exploded last night, Ollie Perez’s performance wouldn’ have seemed as good as it does this morning.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this team is still its stubborn manager. Carlos Delgado clearly hit a HR and Willie Randolph barely argued about it with the umps. Randolph said after the game:

“I don’t believe in trying to appease the fans over something silly like that. If you’ve got a reason to protect your players and go out and do that, you do it. What’s that going to do? Get thrown out of the game – they’re happy about that – and what happens? I’m the leader of this club and I don’t believe in moaning about calls. It was obvious that they he blew the call. So what are you going to do? You keep your composure and you play the game.”

What a stubborn fool! With all that has been said and written about him not having fire and not standing up for his players, he SHOULD HAVE gotten himself thrown out there.

It couldn’t have been more perfectly written for Willie: the umps blew a 3 run HR in a nationally televised game against your crosstown rival. If Willie had half a brain, he would have gotten heated with the umps and gotten himself tossed there. With one failed swoop, he could have quieted the fans and proven himself to the front office.

Instead, the guy that would probably be Willie’s replacement, Jerry Manuel stepped into the spotlight and
got himself tossed.

This just shows you all you need to know about Willie and how he is completely inflexible and cannot think on the fly.

Two wins against the LAST PLACE Yankees do not change the fact that Randolph is not cut out to be a major league manager. This is still a guy who sounds delusional when speaking about his team.


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  1. Cor –

    I could not agree more about Willie The Rube. I kept waiting, WAITING for something to happen there; as you said, the opportunity was handed to him on a silver platter, and what did he do? He allowed his BENCH COACH to take the bullet. That spoke volumes, and summarized everything many of us have been saying about Willie for quite some time now.

    And I also agree that the Yankees, right now, look like a last place team… permanently. That is, for the rest of this year. I just can’t see them really making anything of the season.

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