Just Kidding About That Whole Racial Thing

Willie Randolph made some puzzling pre-game comments today in the wake of his interview with Ian O’Connor on Sunday where he said the criticism he gets about his managing is racially based, Mets fans are fair weather and only come to the games since he’s been manager, and that SNY is out to get him.

To read the full set of comments, visit Adam Rubin’s Surfing The Mets blog on the Daily News website.

Essentially, Willie says what he said about race was “tongue in cheek”. Doesn’t Willie know that you can’t use the just kidding defense once you become a teenager?

“ I think I mentioned to him about feeling almost racial, but that was pretty much kind of a tongue-in-cheek kind of reaction to what I’ve been feeling – not that anybody is racist or that this is racial. I’ve known Ian a long time. We were kind of just just chitchatting and talking, whatever. But the Wilpons hired me not because I’m black, but because they feel like I can do a job for them. They entrusted this team to me and they hired me because they feel I can do a job, not because of the color of my skin. Again, there’s been a lot of negative stuff going on around here and I’ve been feeling some of that. I was just expressing how I felt at the time. It wasn’t anything to do with race and I wasn’t trying to bring race into it. I was just talking to an old friend. Obviously, I probably should have thought more about what I was getting ready to say. I don’t think it’s anything about race. It’s about winning ballgames. It’s about getting back to where we’re capable of playing and winning.”

The guy just doesn’t get it. All this “negative stuff” would have been in the rear view mirror following the 2 game sweep of the Yankees but Willie’s ridiculous comments kept the media and fans’ attention on controversy and not baseball.

Beyond race, I want to hear Willie try to explain his comment where he basically took credit for the last 4 seasons and how Mets fans didn’t show up before then.

Willie, you are paranoid, delusion and you can’t manage or motivate. Does New Era make a Mets cap out of tin foil?


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