Pedro On The Verge Of Coming Back & Retirement

Our prayers are with Pedro Martinez this morning. We hope he can come back next week to help the Mets and way more importantly, we hope everything works out for his father.

The Daily News is reporting that Pedro’s father is suffering from lymphoma.

“It’s taking a toll on me and my family, my dad’s situation,” Martinez said, referring to a form of brain cancer afflicting his 78-year-old father, Pablo. “I haven’t been there for them. I just realized that between last year and this year I haven’t been there for my family, my parents.

“That’ll probably drag me away from the game a little sooner than people expect.

“After this season, I’m going to go back home and think about it and I’m going to decide.”

Martinez’s desire to get back to his parents’ side nagged him all through one of his most difficult spring trainings. He admitted that at times, he couldn’t wait to get away even though since his shoulder surgery in October 2006, he looks at every day of baseball as a gift.

His father made some improvements and is back home in the Dominican, but Martinez said his dad will not improve any further. The family’s biggest concern is that he could suffer a seizure – common with this illness – that could shorten or worsen his quality of life.

“He’s stable, but he’s not going to get any better,” he said. “He can’t take any more chemo. We’re letting him have a nice end of his life. The chemo is not going to help him. If they give him the chemo that might be it.

“They told me there’s nothing we can do. He’s eventually going to deteriorate.”

On the brighter side of things, Pedro is going to join the Mets in Atlanta this week to throw a bullpen session. If everything goes well, he could start next week at home against the Marlins.


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